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Escrito por Vittoria Buzza 

After a quick glance (at the boxes), Digital Playground’s Escaladies Espisodes 1 & 2 seemed to be one of the most dramatic and intriguing DVDs I had seen in a long time. Escaldies is typed in fiery font and after glancing at the pictures on the cover, it seems that we are taking a look into a very scandalous love triangle… or rectangle or hexagon or octagon!

Because the films are in Spanglish (well, most of the Spanish is found in the sex scenes), I am going to stay true to the nature of the film and write this review in a mixture of the two languages.

Espisodio One

La pelicula exmpieza con a very “novela like” feel to it. I am not entirely sure that this will make sense to people who are not familiar with telenovelas, but the film begins with the musica and feel that you usually encunetras en una telenovela. The ritmo of Latin beats fills the background, and we are transported into what seems to be otro mundo.

Instantaneamente nos damos cuenta que esta es una familia con problemas. The story is made up of three sisters – Ariella (la hermana mayor), Ana Maria (the middle sister), y Selena (the youngest one). Most of the plot revolves around the fight for control over Selena’s sexuality. Both of the other sisters have different feelings about how Selena should go about handling herself y sus impulsos sexuales. Ana Maria quiere que Selena no tenga relaciones sexuales y sea pura, y Ariella wants her to give into her sexual impulses and desires.

Torn between the two, the beautiful Selena has to make a decision – una decision muy importante. Selena finalmente decides to move in with her older sister, Ariella, and become a sexual creature, giving into all of her desires.

En casa de su hermana mayor, tiene muchas oportunidades de explorar sus sexual fantasies y tiene muchas relaciones sexuales. Ariella parece estar muy de acuerdo con lo que esta ocurriendo, and she is also very sexually satisfied herself.

Throughout the narrative, we find out that one of the main reasons why Ariella and Ana Maria do not see eye to eye es porque Ana Maria’s husband cheated on her con Ariella. This creates a whole new world of drama in terms of the divorce papers and the unpredicted sex that Ana Maria and her (soon-to-be) ex-husband have.

Aunque la historia familiar parezca ser muy interesante, we cannot forget about the sex. Each sex scene is intriguing and fascinating in its own way, pero one of the things that I enjoyed the most were the camera angles. I love it when the camera shifts focus from the genitalia and focuses on other random body parts, like thighs and hips. I found this to be one una de las partes mas sexies de las escenas sexuales.

Otra parte que me llamo mucho la attencion is that the majority of the Spanish found in the film was in the sex scenes. Spanish was the main language spoken while the actors were having sex. I honestly would have enjoyed mas Spanish throughout.

Oozing through the entire narrative of the film is the Latin element and the Latin conditions found here. Like most films revolving around Latina/o issues, this film included the typical representations – the accents, the long/dark hair, the Latin beats, the provocative clothes, the prayers and prayer candles, and the virgin/whore dichotomy. Here, we definitely find a good example of both of the most common representations found in the media in terms of Latinas – a virgin and a whore. Ariella is the whore, and Ana Maria is the virgin. Their struggle over Selena’s sexuality is very indicative of the most common media representations of Latinas… and Selena ends up becoming a whore.

Episode Dos

El Segundo episodio es una continuacion que contiene mas sexo que dialogo. The film empieza con una escena de sexo que dura 25 minutos. We soon find out that it is Ana Maria’s dream about Selena having sexo. And, indeed, it is more than a dream because Selena truly is having a lot of sex now that she lives with Ariella.

En este episodio, Ana Maria finally gets her husband to sign the divorce papers, and as soon as this is done, ella tiene sexo con el divorce lawyer. This scene is symbolic of the same concept I talked about before. The virgin/whore dichotomy no longer exists in this film porque Ana Maria gives in and has sex. All that she apparently stands for no longer exists, and she is a sexual creature herself. Como resultado, ahora tenemos tres representations of sexual Latinas.

La ultima escena de este episodio nos demuestra un triangulo amoroso. Ariella y Selena are in the kitchen, and they end up making out with a man. Throughout the entire narrative (of both films), there has been a lot of sexual tension between las dos hermanas. On many occasions, I thought they were going to get dirty on a one-on-one basis, but it never happened. Needless to say, it definitely does not happen at all, y al final de cuentas, Ariella y el hombre tienes relaciones sexuales sin Selena.

At the end of the films, the one thing I was left wanting was an intense sex scene between both sisters. Eso definitivamente hubiera sido algo fenomenal.

BTS: The BTS is not too long and includes a little bit of dialogue, mostly about the making of the scenes. La gran parte del BTS es como una mirada tras las camaras de lo que realmente pasa mientras filman las escenas.

Escaladies (the series) is recommended for: fans of Selena Rose, anyone into Spanglish adult films, people interested in a “novella-like” adult movie, and anyone who wants to see sister drama turn into sexual aventuras.



Escaladies 1 y 2 were both directed by Robby D for Digital Playground.


Escaladies 1

Featuring: Ann Marie Rios, Ariella Ferrera, Charley Chase, Selena Rose, Vicki Chase, Marco Banderas, Marco Rivera, Ramon Nomar, and Toni Ribas

Escaladies 1 released in May, 2011. Buy your copy here.


Escaladies 2

Featuring: Ariella Ferrara, Selena Rose, Ann Marie Rios, Marco Banderas, James Deen, Erik Everhard, Charles Dera, and Marco Rivera

Escaladies 2 released in August, 2011. Buy your copy here.


Vittoria Buzza is a queer Mexicana scholar in her early twenties. Her main research interests lie in the examinations of cultural tensions embedded in the visibility of Latina bodies in the media. Follow her on Twitter at @VittBuzz and/or email her here.

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