Review – TeasersVOD’s Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Series

TeasersVOD is a special site, a site where you can go to get… teased.

Writer, photographer, and director Marc Star co-founded TeasersVOD in 2007 with Eisenhower McStain (no idea). They capture adult performers and models doing all sorts of naughty naked public things in and around Hollywood, CA.  Needless to say, the site became real popular real quick.

In mid-2010, TeasersVOD signed a distribution deal with LFP Video and the Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures series was born. Presently, three volumes of Teasers have been released.


(pictured: all yield to Teasers!!)

Each one has the same general format: pre-teasing chit chat a model/performer in a car and/or the patio seating area of some restaurant, some seductive walking around and flashing/stripping in outdoor public places, and a solo masturbation scene or two somewhere very trafficked. Sometimes a boy gets involved, but he’s usually more of a prop.

Now, I’m really not all that in to gonzo-style content. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just usually get hung up on the conversation… Maybe better questions? Maybe better answers? I’m also usually not that into solo scenes…

…but Teasers is interesting. Even though the “extreme public adventures” are shot such that viewers can see the public driving or walking near by, they (they public) usually don’t seem to notice the girls or their shenanigans.

Because they’re hiding.

And doing naughty things.

In public.

But we can see still them.

They’re teasing us.


Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 1 features Elizabeth Darling, Rebecca Blue, and April O’Neil.

April O’Neil and her ri-dic-u-lous (good) boobs are the best part of this installment.  She is charmingly uncomfortable with public nakedness, but seems to warm up after a while. Her solo scene in a stairwell is not quite as “extreme” as the other girls,’ however that’s more than OK.

(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch Teasers Vol. 1 here)


Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol 2 features the bootylicious Jasmine Jolie, Chayse Evans, and Eden Adams.

The clear highlight of this volume is Chayse, who masturbates while blindfolded in some gravel driveway between a couple of apartment complexes.  She is hidden from the street, but there’re some dudes around who can totally see what she’s up to.  I don’t know about you, but mostly naked, blindfolded, and masturbating in public seems nuts to me… and at one point, it clearly did to Chayse as well, which only intensified the teasingness of the scene.

(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch Teasers Vol. 2 now here)


Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures Vol. 3 features Addison O’Riley, Lana Violet, and Penelope Piper.

Addison O’Riley’s cool calm on a walk-up stairwell is the standout segment in this volume, and at some point some random dude gets to reach in and lend her boobies a hand (literally – all you see is his hand in the shot)…

 (pictured: buy your copy and/or watch Teasers Vol. 3 here)


…which got me to thinking: what do people who come across a Teasers shoot think?

I mean sure, the girls cover up before anyone actually seems to see them, but there’re plenty of instances where tops are pretty much off or the back of skirts are hiked all the way up – what do random passersby think is going on?!!

It’s interesting. And it’s pretty hot.

Moreover, the shyness and slight discomfort exhibited by some of the talent was pretty compelling. These women are professional naked girls and were willingly working in scenes they’d been pre-booked to do, but I found it interesting that sex-related behavior in public still seemed somewhat taboo. This apparently rendered it nerve-racking to some performers, exciting to others; and although Rebecca Blue, for example, had no problem with oiling up on a park bench, these extreme public adventures were a little challenging for a couple of the girls… which is part of what made them so titillating.

Teasers: Extreme Public Adventures won the 2011 AVN Award for Best Alternative Release. I’m totally not surprised.


Recommended for: the voyeur and/or the exhibitionist in all of us (don’t lie!!)


Released: so far, Hustler has released Teasers Volumes 1-3 on 7/10, 10/10, and 1/11 respectively. Buy and/or watch volume 1 here, volume 2 here, and volume 3 here.

Each Teasers DVD also features a bonus indoor solo scene with each girl performing in the corresponding volume and standard bts footage of their entire shoot.



Since I first wrote this review, Teasers has released a total of seven volumes – all the same format as volumes 1-3 and all very good. It’s interesting to consider the performers featured in this series – there’s some serious star power here!!

Volume 4 – featuring Tara Lynn Foxx here

Volume 5 – features Ash Hollywood AND Brooklyn Lee here

Volume 6 – featuring Lily LaBeau and Jada Stevens here

Volume 7 – features Jennifer White at the Holly wood Bowl (no joke!!)


(pictured: Vol. 5 has Brooklyn Lee AND Ash Hollywood… #justsayin)


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