Review – Wicked Pictures’ Crime of Passion (2014)

Wicked Pictures’ Crime of Passion (2014) is a good movie, and it touches on all sorts of things that really anger and frustrate me – thus, it becomes great.


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Here’s the synopsis:

Jordan (Casey Calvert) is the pretty new girl in school, who begins a relationship with Matt. Little does she know, however, that Matt has been having a steamy affair with his chemistry teacher (Stormy Daniels) and she’s possessive of her boy toy. When Matt tries to break it off with the teacher, jealousy turns to blind rage. Is what happens next an accident, a mistake, or… a crime of passion?


Since I don’t want to reveal the plot’s twists and turns – it gets really intense: accidents, murder, fight scenes, crazy killer-lady music… – I’ll take a moment to talk about two issues that really rile me up: 1) teachers sexually harassing and abusing students and 2) our cultural inability to see women as perpetrators and young adult men as victimizable.

It’s very rare that I take a hardline on anything that’s not directly related to my own behavior. I don’t know everyone’s experiences or minds or desires or circumstances; consequently, I really don’t have any say about what anyone does (except me – I have total say over me). Thus, regardless of what I may think, most things happening amongst and between consenting adult are none of my business.

But I have a hardline opinion on this: under no circumstances is it ok for a teacher (or professor) to be fraternizing with students in a sexual way… or even overly familiar social/jocular way… EVER. It’s not ok when the student is a minor, it’s not ok when the student is of age and in your class, and it’s not ok when the student is 45 and you’re 24. NOT. OK.

This is not about age, though I have additional thoughts on that that I’ll spare you. It’s about power.


(pictured: Ms. Miller’s little subjects )

As a teacher-sort, you have power over students. I know – I’ve had power over thousands of people since I began teaching college-aged learners when I was 23.

This power is obviously in play when a student is in your class, but it continues beyond the end of a term or semester. As long as a student attends an institution where a teacher-sort is employed, that teacher has power over the student – letters of recommendation, caucusing with others, etc. All these thing create a power differential wherein the student is always on the bottom. Exploiting this power differential is never acceptable.

Second, why can’t we see women as perpetrators? Moreover, why can’t we see young men as exploitable? I can’t tell you how many times a dude has commented along the lines: “Where were those teachers when I was in school?” as a woman teacher exploiting a young man student scandal unfolded. (these same individuals are ready to kill when the gender roles are reversed)

These types of comments make me want to scream. Why can we not see that young men, in spite of social pressure and bravado, may be unsure, testing the waters, whatever. They are learners too!!


(pictured: young love/lust/whatever)

Crime of Passion engages these issues in a way I found both compelling and satisfactory. Xander Corvus is excellent as a sweet young man who behaves like many young men do – looking to explore his sexuality in whatever way seems to stretch his wings. Casey Calvert is a remarkably engaging fresh new face, something Xander’s Matt can’t help but explore. Because he’s young (and he’s into it).

And Stormy Daniels plays crazy, awesomely. In all, Crime of Passion is a really good movie.

Props are also due to Tommy Pistol, whose unsettling gardner role allows us a glimpse into just how disurbed Stormy’s Ms. Miller is.


(pictured: sadistic and the gardener)

Crime of Passion

With performances from Amanda Tate, Casey Calvert, Kimber Day, Stormy Daniels, Veronica Avluv, Johnny Castle, Richie Calhoun, Tommy Pistol, and Xander Corvus.

Written and directed by Stormy Daniels for Wicked Pictures. Released in January, 2014.

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