Review – while we’re all waiting for Wasteland (2012)…

As I sit here, drumming my fingers and tapping my feet, waiting for Elegant Angel‘s Wasteland (2012) to come out, it dawned on me – there’s plenty of other Elegant Angel content available to help me (and everyone else) pass the time.

So I decided to check out Seduction (2011), Remy LaCroix (2012), and Big Wet Asses 21 (2012)… because why not? Enjoy!!


Seduction (2011)

I’ve had this film for a while and have always been intrigued by the cover – American Beauty (1999)-esque, plus it’s so rare to see Kristina Rose set like this. She’s usually so elaborately done up in her own flamboyant style (which is awesome) that it’s interesting to see her presented in such a relatively austere, unadorned manner.

Anyway, call me a victim of marketing and imagery or whatever, but I really wanted to watch this film on the basis of the cover alone…

(pictured: do you feel like you’re being seduced?)

…and it was great!! Standard EA fare – pretty fancy dance-y introduction of each woman before some bang out sex. Each scene was intense, so don’t be fooled by the title.

Seduction is not romance film.


Remy LaCroix (2012)

This cute, freckle-faced, hoola hoop girl Remy LaCroix (which is a simultaneously silly and interesting name) has been getting a lot of buzz lately, so I was excited to watch this star showcase film.

And it was great – part wonder and intensity, part tentative baby fawn. It’s an interesting balance, especially given Remy’s relatively few credits. (she just started working in adult at the end of 2011)

But un/fortunately Remy has just announced she is stepping away from porn. So I guess that if you like Remy, you’re really gonna want to get this film. The Q&A she does at the outset of each scene is actually pretty interesting (though also very porn-typical at times). She even mentions that she feels she will be done with adult reactively soon – have the experience, then move on. Hmmm…

Good luck, Remy!!


Big Wet Asses 21 (2012)

This is another film that would be more aptly titled Having Sex with Manuel Ferrara is Awesome… since he bangs four out of the five chics in this collection (everyone except Jessie Rogers), and they all apparently love the hell out of it.

Charley Chase is the hands down star of this movie (though each scene was really good). She does her first on-screen anal (holy god, Manuel is who you select for that??) and is just an out-of-control mess throughout the entire thing. Really. And real. She didn’t seem to have one ounce of self-control or refrain throughout her “performance,” which is what made it so awesome.

I really hope Charley starts taking herself more seriously (sorry to sound like a concerned den mother). She is absolutely beautiful, good at her job, and very raw in a way that’s certainly appealing.

(pictured: Charley Chase)


Seduction (2011)

With performances from Asa Akira and Erik Everhard, Kristina Rose and Manuel Ferrara, Misty Stone and Erik Everhard, Alexis Texas and James Deen, and Holly Michaels and Ramon Nomar.

Directed by William H for Elegant Angel. Released in October, 2011. Buy your copy here.


Remy LaCroix (2012)

With performances from Jada Stevens, Remy LaCroix, and Michael Stefano; Remy LaCroix and Manuel Ferrara; Lexi Belle and Remy LaCroix; Remy LaCroix and Lexington Steele; and Remy LaCroix, Erik Everhard, and Ramon Nomar.

Directed by Mason for Elegant Angel. Released in June, 2012. Buy your copy here.


Big Wet Asses 21 (2012)

With performances from Charley Chase, Holly Michaels, Jessie Rogers, Remy LaCroix, Brooklyn Lee, Manuel Ferrara, and Ramon Nomar.

Directed by William H for Elegant Angel. Released in June, 2012. Buy your copy here.


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Images courtesy of Elegant Angel.

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