Review – Vivid’s Devil on a Chain (2013)

Vivid’s Devil on a Chain (2013) is a fantastic homage to classic 60s/70s sexploitation films – think anything Russ Meyer and all of this (though these films are generally softcore, and DOAC most definitely is not).

Devil on a Chain looks cool, the music is super cool, the sex is dirty and hot, and the story is often about two (read: ten) shades too underdeveloped-yet-implausible. Every performance is totally over the top …often for no apparent reason, except that it’s the genre.


(pictured: Devil on a Chain – buy yours and/or watch it now here)

Here’s the synopsis:

Kimberly Kane (Candy) has 24 hours to save her sister, played by Skin Diamond, from the clutches of a dark criminal organization. A hot lead takes her to a perverted underbelly of sex trafficking in the bleak California landscape of the Salton Sea… where she’s in as much jeopardy as Skin. But only Candy can find her sister… and she’ll lay waste to anyone who gets in her way.

Skin’s name in this film, incidentally, is Cherry. We only hear this only once, in the absolute briefest of passing, and it’s so perfect. Cherry apparently is some reformed “little junkie nobody” who is about to testify against The Organization. Then shit goes down.

Things I wanted to know after watching this film:

1. Why is Candy such a badass? How is it that she’s able to “lay waste” to anyone and everyone, and why can’t I do that? And why does Cherry get to make all the tough girl faces when it’s her sister who’s doing all the ass kicking?

2. What is this The Organization and are they actually interconnected with the Mayor’s office, or is John (Tommy Pistol) just some sort of manipulative mole? (plus, wow… Tommy’s panty sniffing dance – amazing)

3. And why exactly was this film called Devil on a Chain?

…but who cares?!! That’s totally not the point.

Some of the dialogue is hilarious – like literally lol hilarious – which makes it perfect. Consider Cherry’s monologue as she’s held her first night in The Bitch Shack, alongside a fellow kidnapped sex slave (Charlotte Stokely):

My sister is coming for me, I can feel it. She would never leave me behind. When we were young, our parents were missionaries. Our whole family was on our way from Papua New Guinea to Shanghai, and we were in a terrible plane crash. Candy and I were the only survivors. We were rescued by some monks, who taught us the ancient art of Kino Mutai. She always stayed vigilant and focused, while I strayed behind and got lost… but she always found me.

Huh? But wait… that also explains it, everything!!

Kino Mutai, incidentally, is a sub-specialization found in some Fillipino martial arts that allows biting, eye gouging, and pinching.


(pictured: Cherry’s dramatic monologue)

Kimberly Kane’s performance as Candy is perfectly her – gloriously understated to zoned out, then absolutely over-the-top crazed. It’s petty damn on point…

…but Dana DeArmond’s strangely sarcastic-yet-supportive bottom bitch to D Snoop’s clean freak henchman beyond steals the show!! Just look at this image:


(pictured: this sex is germ free)

Too awesome!!

In sum, Devil on a Chain is entertaining and totally worth it. It puts the actual sex in sexploitation, while keeping with many hallmarks of the genre. Super fun for folks into this schtick.


Devil on a Chain

With performances from Brandy Aniston, Charlotte Stokely, Dana DeArmond, Kimberly Kane, Skin Diamond, Veruca James, D Snoop, Lee Bang, Tommy Pistol, and Zak Sabbath (non-sex).

Written by Kimberly Kane and Nate Liquor. Directed by Kimberly Kane for Vivid. Released in August, 2013.

Buy your copy of Devil on a Chain and/or watch in now here.

BTS & Extras: an interesting bit of BTS footage, a bonus scene with Skin and Asphyxia Noir (from another project), and some additional standard fare.


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