Review – two titles from Padded Kink

Recently, I reviewed two titles from Severe Society Films – The Adventures of Evil Dia (2011) and Jimmy Gets A Foot Job! (2011). These flix are, respectively, examples of pretty heavy duty BDSM and intense fetish play. (you can read all about them here)

But BDSM and kink come in many more speeds than just “balls-out-11.” Some people want their kink a little softer, BBW-soft even.

Lucky for us, there’s Padded Kink. Padded Kink is the production brainchild of the absolutely lovely Kelly Shibari. This content is special for at least two reasons – one, it offers up luscious BBW bodies (and others) in all sorts of naughty knotty scenarios; and two, it provides a glimpse of BDSM and kink content set at a speed of “stinging 7.” It’s titillating, but not to the scrotal inflation level. Let’s check some out…

A Night At Kinky General

Kink in a hospital- eek!! This film is wonderful on the basis of it’s opening credits alone (I felt like I was about the watch The Dirty Dr. Frankenstein or something).

In A Night At Kinky General, candy striper dom Dr. Fiercest (Goddess Helena) grants young Oliver Hyde his ultimate wish – to be a “real” boy (Oliver is occupying a body that has been assigned female in this film, and he would like a penis of his own). Helena is mean to Oliver though, saying all kinds of nasty things and playing with his boobies – not exactly supportive bedside manner.

Anyway, the good doctor torments Oliver mercilessly and thoroughly until, eventually, his wish come true – a penis!! And then she teaches him how to jerk off. It’s awesome. At the same time, in another wing of Kinky General, an evil dentist’s sadistic desires are thrust upon unsuspecting patient… and her mouth. Eek eek eek!!

Kinky General is interesting. It contains some relatively gentle BDSM play and invokes some interesting forms of horror (at times gothic, at times campy). It also engages themes associated with transitioning and gender identity rather plainly in that they’re just sort of there, no big deal. There’s no need to talk about Oliver’s female-assigned body, discuss pronouns, or fuss over the doctor’s lack of sensitivity. These things are thrown into the mix, as is – it could be any body, cis or trans, tied (loosely) to that table. Dr. Fiercest and the whole situation would be hotly frightening regardless.

Loved it!!

Padded Submissives 1

Padded Submissives 1 is a collection of three Padded Kink clips, all girl-girl and very diverse.

In the first scene, sassy schoolgirl April Flores is interrogated by Headmistress (Goddess) Helena. And by “interrogated” I mean “tickled” – it’s delightful!! Then, Kelly Shibari falls prey to Courtney Trouble… and her strap-on. This was a rather brief scene and was shot in a way that really made you feel like you were spying on the ladies’ tryst – interesting.

Finally, Kitty Stryker ties up, candle waxes, and forces an orgasm out of Cinnamon Maxine. This scene was good, but I must confess that I was wrestling with all sorts of race-related issues as I watched. At no point in time during this scene did it seem like Cinnamon was anything other than a happy submissive, and Kitty was doing her job well… It’s just that I bristle at images of black women being likened to farm animals or mooo-anything.

As per usual when this stuff comes up, it’s completely my own issue borne from years of academic training (some might say “exactly,” others might call it brain-washing). I was taught to look at these sorts of images in this way, sometimes for good reason but sometimes regardless of and/or in opposition to how a person (Cinnamon, in this case) seems to feel – I bring it up here in the interest of full disclosure, not because I feel like this scene was problematic. This is something I struggle with. Anyway…

Padded Submissives 1 was lovely. I myself preferred Kinky General, but that’s only because I enjoy being scared and am scared to death of the doctor/dentist. Both collections were lovely showcases of kinky-BDSM-lighter and wonderful platforms for big beautiful women (and some other folks too). These projects also highlighted Kelly’s diverse skills – between the two, she works as a performer, director, videographer, on lighting, and certainly on other stuff that I’m missing. Renaissance woman!!


Recommended for: players who want a little playfulness with their kink, those who want more than fur-lined handcuffs and black satin sheets but a little less than an ass kicking (mid-range BDSM intensity), and BBW fans (obvs).

If you would like to learn more about Kelly Shibari, read her interview with PVV here.

And fyi: in the spirit of rounding out the spectrum, I’ve got a BDSM-themed mainstream adult film in the review hopper… something set at an intensity speed of “furious 5” – stay tuned!!



Padded Submissives 1

With performances by April Flores and Goddess Helena (directed by Kelly Shibari), Courtney Trouble and Kelly Shibari (directed by Courtney Trouble), Kitty Stryer and Cinnamon Maxine (directed by Kelly Shibari).

Buy your copy here.


A Night At Kinky General

With performances by Goddess Helena and Oliver Hyde, Kelly Shibari and Sebastian Wood.

Directed by Kelly Shibari for Padded Kink. Buy your copy here.

(pictured: Kelly Shibari)

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