Review – Smash Pictures’ Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey (2013)

Zombies… they’re so hot right now!!

Sometime in between moving and watching World War Z (which is really good!!), Smash Pictures’ Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey (2013) arrived in the mail. It was good, better than I’d expected actually, but with plenty of room for improvement.


(pictured: we are all so Beyond Fucked!! buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

Beyond Fucked has a decently thought-provoking synopsis:

After a pill was invented to cure the world’s obesity dilemma turned everyone who’s taken the drug into crazed, uncontrollable flesh eating psychos. Years passed and only a few men in the world are still clean and can generate pure semen. Bonnie Rotten is hired by a mad scientist named Dr. Life to track and collect their semen at all costs. Will she reach her target in time to collect every drop of semen before it is swallowed? Or will she fall victim to the horde of zombies needing to eat the survivors around her? It’s do or die and her corpse is on the menu. (sic)

The film starts out with baby bunny Bonnie Rotten and her guy Tommy Pistol having sexy time in one room while their gal pal hangs out in another. (they ignore the emergency broadcast warnings being sounded)

Tommy is somewhat concerned and distracted though… you see, their friend isn’t feeling too well, something about her cousin trying to bite her… then, in what’s actually a really gruesome sequence, Tommy gets zombie-fied while Bonnie escapes!!

zowie + gore!! Beyond Fucked kicks off with a serious bang (great titling and music here, too)

Six years then pass, and some informative-yet-tedious voice over fills us in. Without revealing too much, the whole world has gone to zombie shit, apparently all at the hands of governmental carelessness. Some survivors have been able to carve out little safe havens though, and people are trying to survive.


(pictured: some fire guy looked super cool)

If you read between the synopsis’ plot lines, Beyond Fucked actually explores some really deep issues: the dangers of medical testing and governmental control… or lack thereof, social class (especially regarding what bodies die first and what bodies are “valued”), the struggle to survive, and – ultimately – hope and joy in the face of great adversity. It’s good.

Here’s the trailer:


The production value in Beyond Fucked is high, the zombies and myriad still-living extras are great, and the sex is awesome (though watching two pretty gnarly zombies bang is kinda odd). Director Tommy Pistol did a excellent job with the entire project, though occasionally I felt like I’d have had no idea what was going on if I hadn’t read the synopsis – a bit more plot development and engagement regarding Bonnie’s semen quest would’ve been great.

Interestingly, Tommy, who also wrote the script, seems to take a lesson from The Stephenie Meyer School of Horror Lore in Beyond Fucked. Though I don’t pretend to know everything about zombies, these particular zombies are somewhat atypical. They talk (mumble), appear to have retained some measure of thought processing ability, and seem to be motivated by more than just sound and/or smell. And, as I’ve already mentioned, they have sex.

Chalk it up to creative license (and I actually liked the fact that theses zombies were more than just completely mindless adversaries), but I don’t think Beyond Fucked would sit well with someone bent on nitpicking detail.


(pictured: when you’re the writer/director, you get to do what you want!!)

So yeah, Beyond Fucked was super fun. I did however have one tiny bit of contention with casting…

Just like zombies, Bonnie Rotten is so hot right now… and she did a perfectly fine job in this film. However, and call me crazy, don’t you think you’d undergo some physical, mental, etc changes between the time when the zombie apocalypse strikes and the following six years? I mean, some changes besides being labeled a (semen) bounty hunter badass?

I get why Bonnie was cast in this role and she really did appear to give it her all, but there was no apparent evolution in her character between Z Day and the bulk of Beyond Fucked. Within the context of such an elaborate production, this seemed off mark. I would’ve liked to have seen someone like Alektra Blue in this role. Bonnie could’ve even been her right-hand-girl, which may have actually lent to a few more zombie lore coincident sex scenes.


 (pictured: Bonnie – not a zombie)

In the end, some major shit goes down, leaving everyone beyond fkkked… except Bonnie, which is good because now there’s the opportunity for a sequel. I’m excited about that.

A lot of effort was clearly put into this project – entertaining summer fun!!


Beyond Fucked 

With performances from Bonnie Rotten, Annie Cruz, Asphyxia Noir, Phoenix Askani, Nikki Hearts, John Strong, Mark Wood, Tommy Pistol, and tons of zombie and human extras (including Anthony Rosano and my favorite – superstar director David Lord!!).

Written and directed by Tommy Pistol for Smash Pictures. Released in June, 2013.

Buy your copy of Beyond Fucked and/or watch it now here.


BTS and Extras: standard fare, including 15+ minutes of BTS footage (mini-interviews with some of the women performers and the director). Honestly? Listening to Tommy Pistol talk about his love of horror films and his filmmaking process was far more interesting than any of the interview/char time with the lady performers… but maybe that’s just me.


(pictured: Bonnie plus zombie)

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