Review – Reign Productions’ Tasha’s Pony Tales (2014)

I recently watched one of the most bizarre films I’ve ever seen – Reign Productions’ Tasha’s Pony Tales (2014).


(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch Tasha’s Pony Tales now here)

Starring and produced by adult performer/UCLA undergrad Tasha Reign, Tasha’s Pony Tales is about a group of girlfriends who drink some glowy purple love juice and get transported to Magical Pony Cloud Land. There, they become anal-plug pony princesses and have sex with various leather unicorn centaurs in order to milk their power, just because.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…

But what did make sense was the product tie-in with Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plugs – fanciful handcrafted glass plugs that come in two styles and four ponytail colors (I know you want to know: pink, purple, blue, and bright yellow). So in the movie, when the ladies become pony princesses, they wear pony costumes – color coordinated lingerie, prick ears, and a Reignbow pony plug. It’s kind of like Lion Force, with a climactic all-girl Voltron orgy at the end.


(pictured: Cameron Dee as Ms. Yellow)

This movie looks amazing, like some kind of live action cartoon. The sets and props and general staging are a sugar rush; and if you can get over the idea of pony ears (something about the ears bothered me), the girls’ costumes are really cute. They even have little rhinestone decals on their butts!!

Another thing about this movie was the tension – a palpable tension amongst our pony girlfriends. We start out with Tasha, Jessa, and Cameron wondering where their friend Rikki is… and then it’s revealed that she went on ahead of her three buddies (wtf?!!)… and then, after all four ladies gather up their fair share of unicorn centaur love juice, Rikki somehow manages to stay in Magical Pony Cloud Land – just her!! This means she gets all the unicorn centaurs, and their love juice, all to herself.


Once everyone is home and safe the next morning – was it a dream? – Tasha lets it be known that Rikki sure is pretty selfish to keep all the fun for herself. And when you watch some of the BTS, things occasionally feel… tense. Hmmm..?


(pictured: Tasha as Ms. Blue)

Tasha’s Pony Tales is weird and I know I made a Voltron joke, but I also give her and her team many props for this film – it’s conceptually and aesthetically unique, different from anything I’ve ever seen in adult. And it’s strategic.


Tasha’s Pony Tales

With performances from Tasha Reign, Jessa Rhodes, Eric Masterson, Xander Corvus, Cameron Dee, Rikki Six, Danny Mountain, Derrick Pierce, and Mr. Pete.

Written by DCypher and directed by Barrett Blade for Reign Productions. Released in January, 2014.

Go to Magical Pony Cloud Land!! – buy your copy and/or watch it now here.

BTS & Extras: standard content with a long BTS reel. Some of Tasha’s discussion re where she got the idea for her pony plugs and the film is really interesting.


 (pictured: Xander the Unicorn Centaur)

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