Review Haiku – Reign Productions’ Dear Diary… I Love Sex (2013)

Dear Diary,

I have a confession to make – I love sex, every possible way and every single day! I love watching girls grind and moan as their slippery little holes get stuffed. (occasionally, I like to be really graphic in my descriptions)

And, when I’m not playing voyeur, my movers let me suck and fuck them both at the same time. Eventually, they shoot their loads all over my pretty little face, while I crouch at-the-ready inside a moving box. (cats love boxes) Then, I snap my fingers and a huge cock shows up to feed me ice cream…


(pictured: dear diary…)

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute – don’t get the wrong idea, Diary!! That’s not me, that’s Tasha Reign.

Dear Diary… I Love Sex (2013) is the newest release from Tasha’s Reign Productions. It’s an interesting, albeit occasionally odd, amalgamation of turn-of-the-century schtick, well done sex performance/production, and crafty-smart. Let me explain…

There are five scenes in Dear Diary… - Jessa Rhodes with Spencer Scott while Tasha watches; Alexis Ford and Marcus London as models while Tasha paints and participates; Tasha with Eric Masterson and Mr. Pete (the movers); Tasha solo; and Tasha with Tyler Nixon (the aforementioned ice cream errand boy).

Between each scene, during the lead in sequences and when there’s no action to be focused on, Tasha provides us with some insights via voiceover. These insights are pure porno cheese diary entries akin to what I modified above – tales of “Spency” being shy and her (Tasha) being so horny and hot that it just wasn’t her fault that her top was see-through, but the also tales of Tasha wanting to add to her abstract art collection.

At the end of the film’s synopsis, Tasha tells us to “Enjoy this personal journey inside my life and watch my real adventures unfold right before your eyes. You’ll be glad you came!”


It’s like Tasha, the exceptionally intelligent UCLA girl who also happens to produce and star in her own porn, is creating a balance between what she is and what she thinks we may want to see…


(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch it now here)


Dear Diary… I Love Sex 

With performances from Tasha Reign, Jessa Rhodes, Spencer Scott, Alexis Ford, Marcus London, Eric Masterson, Mr. Pete, and Tyler Nixon.

Directed by Barrett Blade, Dear Diary… is the debut DVD to release under the distribution deal between Tasha Reign’s Reign Productions and Girlfriends Films. It released in August, 2013.

Buy your copy of Dear Diary… and/or watch it now here.


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