Review Haiku – Naughty America’s My Sister’s Hot Friend 24 (2011)

This cover is an interesting, somewhat fractured, strangely seductive tease… kinda like your sister’s hot friend?

First off, Naughty America

Naughty “Nobody Does It Better” America specializes in collections of staged fantasy adult scenes. Got a thing for your friend’s mom? Try the My Friend’s Hot Mom series. Athletic girls (or girls in athletic-looking clothing, at least)? Try the Naughty Athletes series. Teachers, housewives, office encounters, and/or SoCal chics? They’ve got a line for each one of those, too… and more!! Each of these fantasies can be viewed online at Naughty America’s official site; they also come in five-scene-at-a-time DVD installments.

Enter My Sister’s Hot Friend.

Apparently, “She’s irrisistibly fuckable, and I know she wants me as bad as I want her… she’s My Sister’s Hot Friend!”

My Sister’s Hot Friend is a staged fantasy series about some dude… banging his sister’s hot (girl)friend. My Sister’s Hot Friend 24 (2011) is the twenty-fourth installment of this series. But this particular installment is special – it contains four boy-girl scenes, all just fine (you get what you sign up for here), and one apparent bonus – a girl-girl-girl-girl-boy… maybe you could call this a dude gang bang (not really)… featuring all the lovely ladies gracing the cover and one James Deen.

This here image has been haunting me for a few months now… but why?

Well, it’s pretty hott, what with four asses and all. The asses belong to women named (left to right): April O’Neil, Kristina Rose, Andy San Dimas, and Ann Marie Rios. With this roster, this had to be a pricey production.

But I stare and stare at the picture… Ann Marie looks almost feral, like a puma (amazing!!); and Kristina and Andy look sultry and pretty like they usually do… except that Andy’s cigarette (odd prop choice this day and age) is not lit… yet its smoke is somehow blowing right into April’s face. April, though sporting a priceless look of incredulity, doesn’t appear to be mid-smoke inhalation. Her eyes are wide open.

It’s like these women, with four singular minds, are on four different pages here.

So I guess if these chics, taken collectively, were intended to represent your sister’s hot friend, the friend would seem interesting and strangely alluring… yet oddly disconnected, with many moods all over the place – like a hydra if a hydra only had four heads. Or maybe it’s just bad photoshop?

I would think twice about this girl… But maybe that’s her appeal?

(pictured: many heads, one singular purpose?)

With Performances By…

Abagelle Banks, Andy San Dimas, Ann Marie Rios, April O’Neil, Aubrey Addams, Holly Michaels, Kristina Rose, Stephani Moretti, Giovanni Francisco, James Deen, Kris Slater, Richie Deville, and Seth Gamble

Naughty America‘s My Sister’s Hot Friend 24 released in October, 2011. Buy your copy here.

PS Naughty America does not forget about the boys who would like to bang their sibling’s hot guy friends. Their Suite 703 imprint has lines including My Brother’s Hot Friend, Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, and more… it’s basically the exact same Naughty America vibe but with boys only… because nobody does it better – or at least tries to – than Naughty America when it comes to being inclusive. (there are very few “mainstream” “straight” porn companies that also offer gay lines)

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