Review Haiku – Kay Brandt’s Against Her Will (2012)

Sometimes I get stuck on little things, and occasionally I’m kinda impatient.

For these reasons, Kay Brandt’s Against Her Will (2012) wasn’t quite as pleasant a viewing experience for me as it could’ve been.

Here’s what the box said:

A young woman [Sheridan Love] is thrust into a darkly erotic world of lust and seduction when she agrees to the terms of her late parents’ will and testament. Contained within the document are instructions that dictate her sexual awakening at the hands of a woman [Jessica Bangkok] she had never met. Taboo exploration and forbidden desires are unleashed as she releases herself entirely to the experienced hands of the woman she will call Mistress.

Oooh!! Titillating double-entendre title, but taboo exploration, forbidden desires, and sexual awakening outlined… in your parents’ will? Ehhh… this still could be ok, but so far Against Her Will sounds a little too… err… “taboo” in an inter-generational TMI kinda way.

The trailer expounded:


All that from the back of the box and the rules that your father laid out?!! This could go one of two ways: the Mistress is either some sadistic, scam artist siren out to manipulate and blackmail poor bereaved Sheridan… OR the Mistress is some sadistic siren out to manipulate poor bereaved Sheridan at the instruction of her parents – wtf?!!

Within the first few minutes of Against Her Will, we learn that Sheridan was left all her parents’ money (her siblings got nothing) but Jessica is the executor… and if Sheridan wants any of her money, she’s gonna have to obey – yikes!! Yikes and whyyyyy? How did Jessica weasel her way into an executorship? Orrrrr, what the heck were Sheridan’s parents into? (and now, how does Sheridan feel about learning about it?)

I must know!!

After some cat-and-mouse (Sheridan signs some sort of agreement without seeking any outside council or advice, Jessica says “I’ll be in touch” …and then a year passes), the sex commences…

(pictured: Jessica and Sheridan)

…and it’s pretty hot.

Jessica is the master of a bevy of chics – three minions and three maidens. They proceed to do all sorts of “taboo exploration”-esque things in front of, around, and to Sheridan throughout the course of four elaborate sex scenes.

(pictured: minion and maid)

And then it ends. With no big reveal. And all I wanted to know was what the heck is going on!! offered some insight via an interview with write/director Kay Brandt:

Kay Brandt does not make typical adult films. Her screenplays dig deep into the human psyche, as the characters she creates explore what is often uncomfortable territory, shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Brandt recently discussed her new series and what she hopes viewers will take away as the story unfolds. (here)

Apparently, this film is just the first installment in what will be an ongoing saga… and sometimes I get stuck on little things, and occasionally I’m kinda impatient.

If you’re in it for the sex, Against Her Will is worth checking out – lovely lush all girl play with some nice light BDSMy overtones and really unique casting. But if you must know what’s going on, I suggest waiting for volume two to come out first – hopefully we get to learn why Jessica Bangkok is able to play this little game with Sheridan in the first place. Until then… gah!!


With Performances By…

Sheridan Love, Jessica Bangkok, Alana Evans, Allison Moore, Josi Valentine, Joslyn James, Missy Martinez, and Odette Delacroix (as Odette De La Croix).

Against Her Will (2012) was written and directed by Kay Brandt for New Sensations’ Sappho Series. The film released in September, 2012 – buy your copy here.


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