Review Haiku – Hustler’s TSA: Your Ass is in Our Hands (2011)

Hustler’s TSA: Your Ass is in Our Hands (2011) is a great idea/concept that addresses many timely issues… but kinda sloppily.

A bumbling band of TSA agents do everything to screw around and very little to ensure air traveler safety (with one exception, played by Amia Miley). Silly things happen: Agent Stone has sex with flight attendant (maybe?) Diamond Kitty, Bill Bailey removes an experienced traveler’s body jewelry, and Loni Evans “searches” Briana Banks because of her suspicious looking… scarf.

Riiight… like that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in every TSA security check purgatory!!

TSA is an interesting commentary on civil rights (and civil rights violations?), time-wasting, and general incompetence. The delivery could have been smoothed out some, but first-time director (to my understanding) and comedic genius Evan Stone gets props for addressing a pertinent social issue… ass first.


With Performances By…

Amia Miley, Loni Evans, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Billy Bailey, Samantha Saint, Diamond Kitty, Briana Banks, Tegan Summers, and Jack Lawrence

Hustler’s TSA: Your Ass is in Our Hands directed by Evan Stone and released in April, 2011. Buy yours here.


Check out the trailer (because it’s funny):


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