Review Haiku – Girlfriends Films’ Poor Little Shyla Volume 2 (2012)

Gah!! It’s been available on VOD for some time now, but guess what I just got in the mail?

Girlfriends FilmsPoor Little Shyla Volume 2 (2012) – squeeee!!

You may recall my review of the first Poor Little Shyla (2011)… If not, here are some highlights:

“When I recently got the means to view Girlfriends Films’ newest release, Poor Little Shyla (2011), I was a bit apprehensive.  No, it wasn’t because of my fear of VOD (PLS is currently only available on VOD here). It also wasn’t because of my on again/off again bad (fan) romance with some of the film’s performers, oh no – it was because of this section of synopsis right here:

‘Shyla wants desperately to be part of the cool crowd but the leg braces she wears makes it hard for her to fit in.’ (sic)”

Braces on her legs? My mind was flashing “PROBLEMATIC” – what was going to happen?!!

But, as many of you know, I was more than pleasantly surprised with Poor Little Shyla – it stands as one of the best films (films, not adult films) that I have ever seen based largely on the fact that it engages differently-abled bodies as sexually desirable and desiring. This is something that is rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere. Here is some relevant text from the review:

“…Poor Little Shyla portrays a person with variable physical abilities as sexy and desirable (in the context of porn, no less) – Shyla’s got all the ladies in this film riled up in some way!! Now don’t get crazy – this is not to say that Girlfriends Films has produced some representation of sexuality and variable physical ability that is lacking in problematic elements. Nothing is without problems, and that’s totally not the point. The point is that Shyla, braces and all, is the predominant object of desire in this film. And even though Georgia [Jones] and Faye [Reagan] are mean to Shyla, they’re clearly mean because they like her. Showing differently-abled persons as sexually desirable and desiring is rare, even in the mainstream; and Girlfriends has done something rather unique in this context.”

So now maybe you understand my “squeeee” over volume two, and I was not disappointed!! This installment of the Poor Little Shyla series is just as awesome as the original. Here’s some text:

“[Poor Little Shyla] Volume 2 introduces Shyla to an array of new partners who are able to look past [her] disability at Shyla’s beauty. Shyla bonds with Heather, a young girl paralyzed after a horrible car accident. In addition, she develops a crush on her mature afternoon caregiver, Stephanie, who gives her daily baths. There’s also her friend Lily, who masturbates daily to the thought of Shyla. Even though Shyla is different than other girls her age, her life is still filled with the same drama and heartache all those on the cusp of womanhood are faced with.” (sic)

That’s it in a nutshell, but I gotta tell you – some parts of PLS2 are a little startling. The themes, the conversations, the emotional struggles back and forth!! These are things that happen in real life – real life people get in bad car accidents, real life people must contend with catty others, real life people… struggle.

Poor Little Shyla Volume 2 is most certainly a film (so, a fictitious narrative complete with pretty lighting and pretty girls), but its dealings with deeper themes of ability and interpersonal drama make it far grittier than you’d expect.

An outstanding follow-up to an outstanding film – an exceptional series overall.


With Performances By…

Georgia Jones, Heather Starlet, Julia Ann, Lily Carter, Sensi Pearl, Shyla Jennings, and Syren De Mer

Girlfriends FilmsPoor Little Shyla Volume 2 released in June, 2012. But your copy here.


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