Review Haiku – Girlfriends Films’ Elexis and her Girlfriends Volume 2 (2011)

Girlfriends Films films are often described in many ways: beautiful, hott, dramatic, creative and well done, and “simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video” (among many other things)…

…but very rarely are Girlfriends Films’ films described as boundary pushing filmic texts working to renegotiate deep-seated (and problematic) norms surround sexuality and desirability.

Really though, as a whole, their content should be.

I was fairly blown away with the way they negotiated sexuality and religion in their Imperfect Angels series, and their Budapest series resonated with me in a really fascinating way. Their Tammy Sands films take beauty to a whole new level, while providing fodder for considerations of body politics; and Poor Little Shyla (2011)… well, you’re just gonna have to read about how amazing and ground-breaking that film is for yourself. Oh, and then there’s all that stuff Girlfriends “sponsors”/distributes – Juicy Pink Box, my goodness!!

So, given all this, it stands to reason that I should/would be impervious to Girlfriends Films’ charms… or at least braced for whatever new wonders they sent my way.


When Elexis and her Girlfriends Volume 2 (2011) came in the mail a while back, I practically dropped the DVD box in astonishment. This was both wonderful and so so sad.

It was wonderful that an image of a very pregnant Alicia Silver being caressed lovingly and seductively by golden every-goddess Elexis Monroe was front-and-center on a box cover from a very successful, mainstream, and well-respected adult production company. The fact that it took me by surprise is what was sad.

We do an odd thing in this culture: regardless of whether they want it or not, we sexualize women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We all do this to pretty much all women, to no end, until pregnancy.* Then, sexualization, sexuality, and sex – pretty much sexy anything – are shut off like a switch. People gush and coo over pregnant ladies, but very very rarely are “pregnant” and “hott” used in the same thought. Especially publicly. It’s like sexuality disappears with pregnancy, which is somewhat ironic.

[*there are other things that also do a number on women’s perceived and enacted sexualities, pregnancy is just one example]

Now, this is not a hard and fast rule by any means. Yes, Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson and whomever else where all cutesy-sexy throughout their pregnancies; and we’re all very very familiar with MILFs these days. I get it. But I’m speaking in general here – in general, most women aren’t celebrities and not everyone goes from pregnant to MILF.

This is why just the box cover of Elexis and her Girlfriends Volume 2 took me by surprise.

And then I read this synopsis:

In Elexis and Her Girlfriends Volume 2, Elexis is heartbroken by her breakup with Alicia. With Alicia now eight months pregnant, Elexis seeks comfort in the arms of her ex-lover, Samantha. Meanwhile, Alicia tries masturbation as a way to alleviate pregnancy cramps per her doctor’s orders. Unable to achieve orgasm, Alicia sweet-talks Elexis into coming over and helping her despite their separation. Samantha erupts when she learns of the betrayal, ending the girls’ fling and leaving Elexis all alone. It’s only after Alicia’s baby is born that the new mother welcomes Elexis back into her bed to suck from her lactating breast. Elexis believes everything is finally perfect, but a plot between Samantha and Deauxma will throw her life back into turmoil.

Perhaps you’re starting to get it now? If this strikes your fancy, it’s definitely worth a look. The switch did not flip in this film.



Girlfriends Films‘ Elexis and her Girlfriends Volume 2 features performances from Elexis Monroe, Alicia Silver, Deauxma, and Samantha Ryan.

Elexis and her Girlfriends Volume 2 was written, directed, and casted by Elexis Monroe. It released in December, 2011. Buy your copy here.

Images courtesy of Girlfriends Films.


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