Review Haiku – Digital Sin’s James Deen Does Them All (2012)

That James Deen, he’s so hot right now.

James Deen IS so hot right now… well, if you judge hotness by how much attention the mainstream pays you, that is. And by that mark, James is probably the hottest adult performer ever. Because although much attention has been paid to the likes of Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey and Bree Olson, none of them were ever taken very seriously. At least not in the ways James seems to be as of late.

(don’t believe me? here’s just one fairly recent example – James Deen profiled by The Hollywood Reporter on 11/15/12)

I have a sneaking suspicion there’s something gender-related going on here.

Anyway, I recently received a compilation – comp – title from Digital Sin called James Deen Does Them All (2012). Never in my life have I seen such a title…


The synopsis isn’t especially unique…

James Deen action like never before!

If you want to get the most out of a horny slut, you can bet on James Deen to get the job done! Check out Alexis Texas, Amy Reid, Madison Ivy, Ashlynn Brooke, and more acclaimed babes as they get fucked by James Deen’s throbbing power rod of pleasure. There’s over 5 hours 20 mins of hot sex in this 2-disc set… and James Deen is doin’ them all!


…and neither is the form: a themed collection of previously-released scenes. Some of the scenes are good (ie that scene with Jessie Andrews from Power & Control …you know the one), others more wtf; and some are a bit puzzling. (Penny Flame… really?)

– BUT –

The theme itself is unique and extremely noteworthy because James Deen Does Them All centers on James… a dude. The theme of the comp is not some act or depiction. It’s not some fetish or some chic. It’s a guy. And it’s timely.

Now, certainly something like this has happened before – from Ron Jeremy to any number of gorgeous gay performers, certainly there have been at least a few projects and collections dedicated to porn men. (there have) But James’ current presence in the epically revered (by many but not all) mainstream sets him, and thus this title, apart from others.

And though I don’t necessarily get the marketing/art behind the project – why so aggressive with all those hard shots and chains and stuff? why not jump on that whole “boy-next-door” schtick? you could even keep the same scenes… well, most of them – I offer full props to the cleverness of the concept.

Nice one, Digital Sin.


PS I noticed that James tweeted this on 11/17/12…

(pictured: from @JamesDeen)

Looks like James questions the whole “mainstream success scale” thing, too. I find this mindset and his observation (and the tweet he shared from @HavocTMA) to be remarkably refreshing.


With Performances By…

James Deen and twelve chics: Alexis Texas, Amy Reid, Ashlynn Brooke, Ava Lauren, Brianna Love, Jessie Andrews, Madison Ivy, Melanie Scott, Natalie Norton, Paris Marie, Penny Flame, and Sadie West.

James Deen Does Them All (2012) is a compilation collection of twelve previously released boy-girl scenes, each starring James Deen and one of the aforementioned ladies. The collection was released in November, 2012 – buy your copy here.


* * *

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