Review Haiku – Digital Playground’s Top Guns (2011)

Digital Playground‘s Top Guns (2011) is amaaazing!!

…amazingly silly and campy, that is. Consider this:

“Fly hard with deep throttle action as Jesse Jane and Riley Steele show the men the true definition of hardcore power. They are the new top guns, the two best female fighter pilots the Air Force has to offer going up against their arch rivals, Kayden Kross and Stoya, the unbeatable bitches from the Navy. It’s lust-fueled girls going up against the hardest fly boys in the military to prove they’ve got more thrust in their game and more devious tactics than any enemy riding their tail.”

My. Goodness.

But in spite of the ridiculous box copy, Top Guns is actually quite fun. It’s also rather significant in many socio-cultural ways. Here are some things:

1. Top Guns brought home AVN’s Best Selling/Renting Award in 2012, which means lots of people saw (and perhaps were influenced by) this film.

2. Top Guns is a parody of the 1986 classic, Top Gun – duh!!

3. In a very un-Digital Playground-like move, Top Guns’ characters are not named their porn names. The characters all have call signs!! And, where applicable, their call signs mimic their TopGun-character-being-parodied’s name. Because I absolutely must, they are:

(Performer - Top Guns Name for “Top Gun Name”)

Jesse Jane – Bandit for “Maverick”

Riley Steele – (Baby) Boo for “Goose”

Kayden Kross – Hollywood for “Iceman”

Stoya – Mystery for “Slider”

Raven Alexis – Vegas for “Charlie”

Tommy Gunn – Gunman (GunnMan?!) for “Jester”

We also have Styles and Papa (another flight team of boys), and Selena Rose as a mechanic named Spice – heeee!!

4a. Top Guns shares many things with Top Gun: pilots in fighter pilot school, competition, a hott civilian instructor, and danger when practice and pilot in-fighting quickly turn into a real “live” situation. Our “Iceman” Hollywood strongly disapproves of this “Maverick”‘s (Bandit’s) sloppy and dangerous ways, and there’s also a (god awful) volleyball scene. And the story development and pacing in Top Guns are just as unbelievable as they were in Top Gun – perfect!!

(pictured: Jesse Jane as Bandit, who is a parody of “Maverick,” who is just one version of who/what Tom Cruise wishes he was… Jesse Jane?)

4b. There are also many differences between Top Guns and Top Gun: the inter-military competition between Air Force and Navy quickly becomes boys against girls, our baby “Goose” Boo does not die, and very strong girl power/women’s equality and teamwork/collaboration themes run throughout this entire film – nice improvements!!

Although I liked Digital Playground’s efforts in Fighters (2011) much more, Top Guns was a great film – a sexy, campy take on some recognizable source material with a little bit of humor and progress thrown in for good measure.

With Performances By…

Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Raven Alexis, Riley Steele, Selena Rose, Stoya, Ben English, Erik Everhard, Marcus London, Mick Blue, Scott Nails, and Tommy Gunn

Top Guns was directed by Robby D for Digital Playground and released in March, 2011. Buy your copy here.

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