Review Haiku – Digital Playground’s Code of Honor (2012)


the end.

Digital Playground’s Code of Honor (2012) looks promising. The packaging is impressive, there’s a DVD and a Blu-ray, and you get a third disc of nothing but extras – guns, “guns,” helicopters, military-seeming stuff, and boobs!! And the film itself even starts out promising – sexy fancy pool party and a three-way with Tasha Reign, Brooklyn Lee, and Manuel Ferrara.

But the subsequent nosedives this film then careens through render it almost unwatchable.


(pictured: buy your copy of Code of Honor and/or watch it now here)

When I was a kid, I remember TNT being ludicrously cheesy and silly… I know it’s since changed, but Code of Honor really would’ve fit right in with my memory of TNT… that with a little Sci-Fi – excuse me: Syfy – channel sprinkled on top. And no “guns.”

Selena Rose and BiBi Jones – painful throughout. Distractingly bad performances. I know Bibi’s no actress… so why put her in a non-sex role?

Jesse Jane does cutesy really well and Keiran Lee was actually pretty funny as her dim fiancé, but her hard-ass leader segments were especially poor here. Surprising because she’s been able to pull off this sort of performance before.

Riley is always cute, though not as charming as usual in Code of Honor. And Kayden was fine (though “Hollywood filmmaker” – really?), as was Stoya – all three were working with what they were given, I imagine. Stoya’s sequence with James Deen was the highlight of the film – quite titillating and naughty and fairly hott, too. It’s a shame it was literally buried in the middle of this lazy lazy film.

Finally, a full three-quarters of the way through the film, do we get anything even remotely resembling military-seeming… and boy is it silly. The best part was Kayden and Jesse plastered low down to the front of some water-craft, guns drawn… while the “friendly” captaining the boat is sitting upright in plain sight. Just shoot her, already!!


(pictured: after the rescue, kinda the same thing though)

And in the end, all the DP girls (except Bibi) engage in the pièce de résistance tried, true, and expected orgy… with Manuel.

Can we bring back Fighters-caliber work please, DP? Fighters (2011) was amazing. And I understand that not everything has to be a masterpiece, but this was just zzzzmsjyshgnleig…

Here’s the synopsis:

Time to bring out the big guns.

Digital Playground presents the explosive epic adult film of the year; Code of Honor. Award winning director Robby D. invites you on an adventure of a lifetime that features the world’s sexiest women. When their former teammate is taken hostage, a super squad of bad ass beauties reunite for one last mission; to infiltrate the criminal cartel and rescue their fallen friend.

Digital Playground Contract Stars Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele and Stoya are the hardcore honeys that come together to save Selena Rose, the law enforcement agent that gets caught while undercover. With 7 energetically erotic sex scenes, that also include Tasha Reign and Best New Starlet Brooklyn Lee, Code of Honor infuses intensity with passion… [etc]

And here are some of my favorite stills…


(pictured: Riley – so cute and so much lol!!)


(pictured: team captain Jesse… but Riley was supposed to be the pilot?)


(pictured: Code of Honor – guns and “guns”!!)


Recommended for: whenever your TNT-in-my-memory is not working..?


Code of Honor 

With performances from Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Selena Rose, Stoya, Tasha Reign, Brooklyn Lee, Bill Bailey, James Deen, Keiran Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Tommy Gunn, and lots of non-sex performances and extras.

Directed by Robby D for Digital Playground. Released in February, 2013. (interesting that this film has a 2012 production date, but didn’t come available until recently).

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.

BTS and Extras: an entire DVD’s worth all the regular bells and whistles… yaaawn.


 (pictured: sniper Stoya… because “God is watching you”)

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