Review Haiku – bluebird films’ Tori Black’s After School Special (2011)

The box copy on bluebird filmsTori Black’s After School Special (2011) says:

“Tori Black… Every boy and every girl’s fantasy. With devestating beauty and a killer body, no schoolgirl can compete. Capri Anderson takes a break from the Charlie Sheen circus to make a special appearance and watch Aiden Ashley in her first ever sex scene, guided by the girl/girl princess, Celeste Star. It’s an all star schoolgirl cast!” (sic)

The film features five somewhat socially relevant, school-themed girl-girl scenes.  Issues tackled include: smoking, getting detention, catty angry girl-fighting (!!), making healthy lunchtime choices (sorta), being home alone, being homesick, and being sleepy. It’s rough stuff.

But interesting references and tie-ins abound!! Including:

1. After school specials (or ABC Afterschool Specials) – running from 1972 though 1995, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) produced a series of made-for-TV movies that dealt with controversial and/or socially relevant issues generally facing teens and tweens. They were/are a major cultural touchstone for a huge segment of the population experiencing t(w)een-ness during the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Probably their parents too.

2. Capri Anderson – for a moment there, she was a “crossover star” in her own right. But please see my thoughts on Charlie Sheen here, honey… no one is ever gonna say he was acting out of character :(

3. Tori Black – the two-time AVN Female Performer of the Year winner* (2010 and 2011) almost epitomizes today’s woman porn performer powerhouse. In terms of her career, she might be the antipole to Ms. Capri.

* Ms. Tori has also won a lot of other awards (from AVN and otherwise).

4. Mark Twain – the pseudonym of Samuel Clemens, author of several “great American novel”s. A play on “Mark Twain” by Tori Black’s After School Special director Marc Twain is thusly humorous and a little bit sassy… because directing all-girl adult content is as “American” as apple pie?

The same goes for co-director Martha Washington.

And all this from UK-originating, Porn-Valley-now-producing-in adult global power bluebird films.

It’s interesting, this whole “Euros creating adult content that engages several very ‘American’ tropes… from highlighting two fairly evenly counterbalanced US-based performers… to making pretty deeply ‘American’ cultural references… to tackling some of the toughest issues facing teens today” thing. Maybe engaging these sorts of “tough issues” is meant to be a kind of backhanded jab at the frivolity and simplicity that is adolescence for a lot of US folks?

But that might be reading too much into it.

With Performances By…

Romana Ryder and Sindee Jennings, Rebecca Blue and Ruby Knox, Celeste Star and Aiden Ashley, Capri Anderson and Melissa Jacobs, and Tori Black and Lily LaBeau.

bluebird’s Tori Black’s After School Special was directed by Marc Twain and Martha Washington and released in June, 2011. Buy yours here.

* * *

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