Review Haiku – Adam & Eve’s Kayden Unbound (2010)

Nothing is absolute (but isn’t that an “absolute” statement?). Everything comes in shades of grey, running along a spectrum. This includes BDSM and kink-type adult content.

We’ve already touched on the relatively intense and authentic end of the spectrum with content from Severe Society Films – The Adventures of Evil Dia and Jimmy Gets A Foot Job! Reviews of both these films are here.

We have also delved into relatively mid-intensity BDSM and kink (with some BBW nichey-ness thrown in for good measure) with content from Padded Kink – Padded Submissives 1 and A Night at Kinky General. Reviews of both these films are here.

Today, let’s round out the range with some more “mainstream” BDSM and kink from Adam & Eve PicturesKayden Unbound (2010).

According to the box: “Gorgeous, glamorous Kayden Kross goes from dominant to submissive… and loves every second of it! Watch as she submits to her master’s every whim to become his personal toy. See her bound and tethered, roped and restrained, and pummeled to her heart’s content.”


Kayden Unbound is very elaborate – high production value, glamorous performers, and very elaborate settings.

The films’ scenes are pretty varied: a boy-girl with Kayden acting the (mostly) voyeur, a very stylized girl-girl, a boy-girl that starts out with a leashed Kayden being led around a pool on her hands and knees, a boy-girl alongside another boy-girl that starts with Kayden tethered in some crib/cage thing, and then Kayden in a body-fishnet-stocking then getting railed by Derrick Pierce.

Each one of these scenes is hott and beautiful, but they’re more “BDSM type” than they are “BDSM reality.” Kinky and titillating; however, if you were to take away the few strategically placed props, you’d be left with what Kayden Unbound ultimately really is – high end, well-done mainstream adult content.

So if you’re just starting out or you like the look of leather cuffs on super hott chics more than you like the cuffs themselves, Kayden Unbound is for you.

Be honest with yourself when you’re thinking about BDSM, kink, and any other sort of adult content and/or sex practice – there are endless options available. The key is to own both where you are and where you want to go.


With Performances By…

Kayden Kross, Diana Doll, Riley Evans, Rebecca Blue, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, Nick Manning, Barrett Blade, and Derrick Pierce.

Kayden Unbound released in October, 2010. It was directed by (superstar director) David Lord for Adam & Eve Pictures. Buy your copy here.


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