Review – Goodnight Media’s Here Cums the President (2011)

Over the course of almost ten years’ worth of college professoring, I’ve noticed something about students – they learn a lot better if they’re able to relate directly to the course material. But since most school-type stuff is totally disconnected from the practical realities of folks in their late teens/early 20s, creating these relations often requires a little bit of trickery.

Oftentimes, I find ways to relate whatever it was that I’m talking about to some noteworthy and/or current happening in popular culture. For example, explaining R. W. Connell‘s take on masculinities, in part, via the career trajectory of Justin Timberlake or ideas about functionalism via an analysis of the Smurfs. If you can find such relations and connections… well, that might just work out super well for your students (and you!!).

Today, I think I found a new way to explain power inequalities related to gender, race, ethnicity, and class; political leadership and corruption; and colonialism (among many other things) – Goodnight Media‘s Here Cums the President (2011).

(no, I’m not kidding)

Here Cums the President touts itself as the greatest porn in U.S. history, cataloging some “all-American” sex scandals. Further, it is “a historically accurate movie parodying the sexual deviance of some of the most well-known Presidents of the United States of America. Hail to the chiefs and their horny terms in office. Washington, FDR, LBJ, Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton sex up the White House with the hottest mistresses to ever hide under the desk in the Oval Office. Here Cums the President will have you saying ‘Me likey like Ikey!'”

An older George Washington, played hilariously (duh!!) by Evan Stone, is our tour guide through six executive-level scandals that include:

– a young George Washington (Mr. Pete) and colonial hottie, Cherry (Tori Black)

– FDR (Tommy Gunn, who delivers some killer lines) and his wife’s secretary, Lucy Mercer (Phoenix Marie)

– JFK (Rocco Reed, also hilarious) and Marilyn Monroe (Diamond Foxxx)

– LBJ (Alec Knight), who introduces his presidential “Jumbo” to the final unincluded member of his secretarial pool – Geraldine (Jenna Brooks)

– Richard Nixon (Anthony Rosano, who is so versatile – he can play just about everyone and everything!!) and a Chinese masseuse (Kristina Rose… not sure about the casting here, but she’s absolutely adorable)

– and of course, Bill Clinton (James Deen, who can work campy shmarm like no other) and Monica Lewinsky (Lisa Ann)

The film’s credits conclude with a statement thanking a series of politicians and pornographers (names are listed!!) that have done much to make the world, and porn, a better place. There was also a statement about the public stock footage included in the film. I myself really liked the fact that the filmmakers included said stock footage, effectively claiming their right to access and engage it. It was all very “American,” in the best possible way.

In researching this film, I saw some comments around about the interwebs asking after our current president – why wasn’t his likeness included in this project? But his presence would’ve obviously been inappropriate as, to my knowledge, he hasn’t been involved in any sex scandals (remember, this is a “historically accurate” retelling). I did wonder about Thomas Jefferson though… Why wasn’t that guy included??

Another interesting thing I noticed was the presence of condoms – condoms were used in each scene except in the first between George and Cherry and the last between Bill and Monica (because, you know, nothing they did constituted sex). I found this interesting both in terms of historical accuracy and in terms of debates currently shaping the adult industry and, by proxy, the state of California.

But an-y-waaay…

If you’re a sociologist and/or maybe a historian looking to brighten up that miserable nap-inducing 2 – 2:50 MWF section you got stuck with this semester, I definitely suggest checking out Here Cums the President …for, you know, educational purposes ;)

Recommended for: higher educators and students in need of a very unique and effective set of memory cues!!


Girls: Tori Black, Phoenix Marie, Diamond Foxxx, Jenna Brooks, Kristina Rose, and Lisa Ann

Guys: Mr. Pete, Tommy Gunn, Rocco Reed, Alec Knight  Anthony Rosano , James Deen, and Evan Stone (non-sex)

Directed by Lee Roy Myers and Ronald Raygun for Goodnight Media.

Released in June, 2011. Buy your copy of Here Cums the President (2011) here.

BTS and Extras: photo galleries, trailers of other Goodnight Media films (awesome!!), and some standard BTS footage conducted by none other than Mr. Brian Street Team. Brian asks folks which president or president’s partner, living or not, they would most like to have sex with. Some of the answers are pretty funny.

…and here’s the trailer!!



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