Review – Evil Angel’s Hollywood Babylon (2014)

Dana Vespoli’s Hollywood Babylon (2014) is another bit of amazing that simply must be seen to be believed…


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In many ways, it’s typical: a fallen angel story of some small-town girl who just *knows* she’s meant to be famous, but then things don’t quite go the way she’s planned. We find our girl, played luminously by luscious sex-on-a-stick goddess Sovereign Syre, retelling her path through Los Angeles via a flashback interview with a cop..? Or a counselor..?

Here’s the synopsis:

Voluptuous Sovereign Syre plays an aspiring actress being chewed up by the film industry’s brutally self-serving players. James Deen is a ruthless producer, and Steven St. Croix is creepy even by the standards of plastic surgeons. Sovereign bounces from Deen’s casting couch to a freaky family relationship with St. Croix and Dana DeArmond (as the good doctor’s wicked wife)… All this leads to a nasty, climactic orgy in which James thoroughly manhandles and sodomizes Ms. DeArmond, who joins cigar-puffing St. Croix in dominating and abusing our heroine. Wrapping around the scenes are eerie clues to a mystery unfolding around some unusual usual suspects.

What happened?! You’ll just have to watch to find out…


This project works very hard to embody old film noir, and it does a really good job. The music, the shots, the classic tale, and the perfect spot-on casting all converge well. Plus, and not to be so very obvious, I would be remiss if I did not point out that Sovereign Syre shines, both as the dramatic lead and in her sex performances …with men. I wonder what prompted this decision?

All told, Hollywood Babylon is a must see.


Hollywood Babylon

With performances from Dana DeArmond, Sovereign Syre, Valentina Nappi, James Deen, Ramon Nomar, Ryan Driller, and Steven St. Croix.

Non-sex performances from Dana Vespoli, JM Darling, and Michael Vegas.

Directed by Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel. Released in April, 2014.

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