Review – Eroticolor: The Sexual Activity Book, Volume 1 (2012)

I’m gonna go ahead and confess something to you guys: I love to color. Still. Today. At 35 years of age.

When I was a kid I would OBSESS over coloring. I would go through coloring books in days, filling out every activity page while I demolished boxes of crayons and pencils. Never a coloring-outside-the-lines kinda kid, I would meticulously fill in page after page with neat rows of perfect shading… but I would always color everything all crazy – my dogs were purple, and my people were green. My suns were blue, and my seas were orange. They still are. (and they’re still very neat)

So when I read some press about Eroticolor: The Sexual Activity Book late last year, I was intrigued – this may well be the most perfect thing ever invented!! I even tweeted about it…


(pictured: best coloring book EVER!!)

Given all this, you can imagine my joy then when, out of the clear green sky, a PR rep for the book contacted me a couple weeks ago. He provided some information about the book…


Eroticolor was conceived and developed by Brooklyn based graphic designer, and lifelong pervert, E. Bryant. This book features 18 coloring pages depicting a wide array of erotic escapades, and 5 activity pages: wordsearch, crossword, connect the dots, maze, and bad lib. Each page has a blank backside because it sucks when colors bleed through the page making the image on the reverse side useless.

…and would I like a sample of Eroticolor? Pshah – are my trees blue?!!

My coloring book arrived just days later, complete with a nice informative letter AND a box of “multicultural” crayons (pretty sure these crayons were just me being special – you might have to buy your own :(    — I was SO EXCITED!!  What would I color first?!!


(pictured: oh my goodness, so awesome!!)

I noticed two things about Eroticolor right off…

First, the pictures were amazing – hott and sexy and dripping with detail. This was fantastic for the imagination, though not great for the crayons, which tend to be a bit blunt. I would suggest using color pencils or a combination of crayon and pencil (on the finer points) for your artistic renderings – just my Ms. Coloring OCD talking ;)

Second, the scenarios were creative and diverse. People were gettin’ it on all over the place, up close and far away, in cars and in the laundry room. There were couples and three-ways, as well as solos and fetish depictions, featuring every combination of women and men imaginable!!

This is exceptionally noteworthy. In fact, Eroticolor is one of very few instances wherein I’ve seen gay and “straight” porn side-by-side in the same collection. This book puts forth a really transgressive effort, one that I love. I also love the fact that no one felt compelled to call attention to this anywhere in the press or on the book itself – it was simply allowed to be. Fantastic!!

Here is a sample of one of the images you will find in Eroticolor (I didn’t color this one obvs)…

Eroticolor - Sample - Riding Dirty - colored

(pictured: my version of this as a green redhead with purple nipples)

I can’t begin to tell you how fun and clever this book is. I imagine it being a wonderful gift for naughty artists, a super fun addition to any number of parties and gift baskets, a fun thing for couples to do together, and something for you to color away your days with…

Absolutely love it!!

Buy your copy of Eroticolor right —> here. (it will be the best $15 you spend today, I promise!!)


Read some press about Eroticolor on XBIZ here, and follow my favorite activity book on Twitter at @Eroticolor!!

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