Review – Elegant Angel’s Girl Crush Vol. 1 (2010)

Review by Vittoria Buzza

Based upon my previous reviews, it might seem as though I am one of those women that can be satisfied with any old girl-on-girl film. And while I do enjoy pretty much all girly action, not just anything will do… at least, not really. And although I have had the privilege of reviewing some amazing girl-girl films, I did not LOVE all of them. I can be quite picky. Sometimes.

With all that being said, I have to confess that I absolutely LOVED Elegant Angel’s Girl Crush Vol. 1 (2010). This film has all the elements I usually look for, and many news things that I must now add to my checklist.

I think that one of the main reasons it took me so long to get this review up is because I spent so much time watching Girl Crush. This has never happened to me before. I literally watched the film (which is over three hours long) about five times, stopping very frequently throughout each viewing for my own personal reasons ;) Eventually, FINALLY, I decided it was time to write something.

As we all know from previous reviews, Elegant Angel creates incredibly amazing and unique films – highly stylized, occasionally elaborate, beautifully austere, and dirty dirty dirty. Club 59 is EA’s girl-girl line, complete with all the “glam-gonzy” content you’d expect… only without men.

Girl Crush is an unbelievably sexy and sensual film. The setting is elegant, clean, and crisp – with every scene you get the feeling that you have entered into a very classy, yet very wild and open, sex adventure. Here is the box copy:

Real sex with girls who love girls.

Girl Crush is Elegant Angel’s 1st release for its new off-shoot girl/girl brand Club 59 The focus is on naturalism and capturing performers sharing themselves with authenticity and passion. There are no rules, and no expectations. Just real emotions as two beautiful girls bring each other to orgasm. Club 59 stands for real sex with girls who love girls. Girl Crush is the epitome of sensual, sexual, and orgasmic girl/girl sex.”

The film consists of four very lengthy sex scenes, which are all arranged in the same way. They begin by first interviewing the girls about to be featured in the upcoming scene, either individually or both girls together. The main topic of discussion is always their experiences with other women. And as you may remember, I love interviews so I loved this – it makes me feel like I know the women who are about to take their clothes off for my viewing pleasures.

Then they jump straight into a beautiful white room with white couches and all the action you could ever want! Each scene was about forty-five minutes in length and featured plenty of amazingly creative and sexy positions.

And speaking of amazing and sexy…

One of the first things I noticed about the sex scenes was how long it took for the ladies to take their clothes off. There was a great amount of foreplay, which I am very very fond of.

For example, in the first scene featuring Aiden Ashley and Zoe Voss, both ladies continued wearing their panties for the first fifteen minutes of the scene. Even when they went down on one another, all they did was move the sexy lingerie to the side. I found this tease to be incredibly sexy.

I also noticed that each of the couples seemed to have a wonderful dynamic connection. They really did seem to be into one another in a way that I had never seen in another film before.

And these apparent connections didn’t “wear off” or begin to seem insincere over time – meaning, I was still feeling this dynamic on the third and forth viewings. After watching it so many times, I am still not certain what to attribute that to. Maybe the direction these ladies were receiving is impeccable… or maybe it just so happened that they all got along very well behind the scenes, and this same dynamic carried over into their romantic encounters.

The most interesting element of this film was the scene featuring Brooke Lee Adams and Gracie Glam. Before they begin their scene, we hear Brooke say that their encounter might be so emotionally intense that they will cry.

First, both ladies share a little bit about their background. Apparently, they have worked together many times and are in love with each other; but they are not in a relationship because Brooke is married. It is a difficult situation to navigate, and this scene is the first time they have seen each other in a long time.

And all that could have been staged… but I definitely got a sense that they were not faking for the camera. They have a great dynamic and seemed to pleasure each other very very much.

The most interesting part for me was at the end of the scene where Brooke actually does start crying. It seemed to be a very emotional moment for her, and at one point she even asks the camera to get out of her face. This was something I had never seen in an adult film before, and it definitely made me feel as though I was actually watching a very intimate sexual moment between two people who deeply care about each other. I never thought that I would enjoy an adult film involving crying, but after watching this scene I can definitely say that there are certain situations where I think this could add so much depth, background, and emotion to a film.

Overall, Girl Crush was an unbelievably breathtaking experience for me. The women were all beautiful and knew how to please one another. I greatly appreciated the interviews, and I loved the combination of a crisp white room with sexy, sensual sex.

Recommended for: anyone who enjoys their porn with a little bit of a background story, those of us who like stylized content featuring ONLY women, and anyone who wants to experience a very emotional sex scene.


Girls: Zoe Voss, Aiden Ashley, Gracie Glam, Celeste Star, Brooke Lee Adams, Hailey James, Yurizan Beltran, and Isobel Wren

Directed by Mason for Elegant Angel. Buy your copy of Girl Crush Vol. 1 (2010) here.

BTS: This was a very brief thirteen minute section of footage that shows what happened after each sex scene. The lady behind the camera (who was probably mason) asks each woman how they felt about their scenes. The longest interview is with Brooke and Gracie who concur that their work in Girl Crush was “most raw scene” either has ever done.

Vittoria Buzza

Vittoria Buzza is a queer Mexicana scholar in her early twenties. Her main research interests lie in the examinations of cultural tensions embedded in the visibility of Latina bodies in the media. Follow her on Twitter at @VittBuzz and/or email her here.

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