Review – Digital Playground’s “Girl Squared” (2013)

Digital Playground’s “Girl Squared“ – or [Girl]2 as it’s actually written – is many things: it looks good, and the sex is all pretty hot. But it’s also a little contrived and kinda wannabe highbrow…


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DP contract performer Kayden Kross is wildly intelligent and hyper cool. She seems like one of those women who’s automatically perfect at everything. Now obviously, we all have to work, even just a little, at something, but part of Kayden’s mystique is that she makes it all seem effortless.

Girl Squared” is Kayden’s directorial (and maybe script writing?) debut. And though I’ve never done either, I’m willing to bet that neither is easy or automatic. There’s always much to learn.

Given the nature of the media, persons’ learning curves in these areas are almost always public - blasted up on a screen somewhere for all us couch potatoes to armchair quarterback. Some come off as choppy or raw; Kayden’s, however, came off as a bit affected.

The title of this film, while clever, is impossibly annoying to write and search. The voice-over content is wayyy too forced outer limits riding on the space-time-emotion continuum. Plus, the fact that it’s Kayden’s voice talking throughout made me wonder if I was watching a series of stand-alone vignettes… or a narrative film about five things that seemed unrelated but would all tie up in the end? I still couldn’t tell when the film was over.

The box describes this film thusly:

Digital Playground contract star Kayden Kross takes viewers on a journey of Sapphic proportions, where making up means getting naked in 5 tales of love, lust, and loss. First, mourning turns to passion when Kiera Winters and Raven Rockette work out their differences at a funeral. Next, playful teens Brett Rossi and Karlie Montana indulge in their first lesbian experience. Love endures and makeup sex conquers all in the third scene between Samantha Ryan and Layla Rose. Then Skin Diamond tempts Dani Daniels into a backseat rendezvous, followed by Bree Daniels reconciling with her fellow oil-wrestling stripper Kayden in a scene of erotic power play!

I’m not sure this text really does any of the scenes justice (and some of it seems outright inaccurate). There isn’t much dialogue leading into each scenario, but I found myself really convinced by some of the acting – especially noteworthy in this respect were Samantha Ryan and Dani Daniels.


(pictured: Layla Rose and Samantha Ryan)

So yeah…

In sum, “Girl Squared” is decently strong, while still leaving plenty of room for Kayden to mature and evolve as a director. I think she has a lot of potential in this arena.



With performances from Bree Daniels, Brett Rossi, Dani Daniels, Karlie Montana, Kayden Kross, Kiera Winters, Layla Rose, Raven Rockette, Samantha Ryan, and Skin Diamond.

Written and directed by Kayden Kross for Digital Playground. Released in September, 2013.

Buy your copy and/or watch [Girl]2 here.

Extras: interesting BTS footage showcases a strong, competent, intelligent Kayden… who’s also a little bit not used to the learning process. But she’ll get there!!


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