Review – Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman (collection)

I recently received a copy of Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX (vol 3) …and ended up discovering an awesome collection of materials!!

In googling around, I found that there were three hardcore “docu-porn” installments in the series and a separate, more in-depth documentary film – hence, the Sexing the Transman media *collection.*

Regarding Sexing the Transman (2011), synopsis text describes it as:

a groundbreaking mainstream documentary about FTM [female-to-male] sexualities. Buck Angel elicits intimate, in-depth conversations with transmen and those who love them – about how their bodies, sexualities, and identities are affected by the medical and social processes of gender  transition. The film highlights how transitioning can open up a greater sense of freedom, desire, and willingness to explore new types of pleasure. [here]


(pictured: Sexing the Transman)

Though I haven’t gotten to watch it yet, Sexing the Transman sounds pretty awesome – thoughtful, informative, and guided by a member of the trans community. I think Buck’s position as a transman and community activist/leader is important here, especially given the general marginalization experienced generally by trans folks and individuals with queer sexualitites. I expect the documentary relates seamlessly with the three XXX titles, of which I viewed Volume 3.

Sexing the Transman XXX (vol 3) was nominated for multiple 2014 AVN and XBIZ awards, including one for XBIZ’s “Feminist Porn Release of the Year.” The collection includes five sex scenes, four of which are preceded by some very interesting, in-depth conversation – definitely “docu-porn”!! I was especially compelled by Rex, who discussed being a transman of color in Atlanta and the support he felt from the area’s community.

In addition to the interviews, which are always my favorite part of any movie, there was plenty of sexy sex in Volume 3. I especially liked the bang out “gay male sex” scene between Buck and Sean.

Further, I really enjoyed the editing work in Volume 3. Also done by Buck, the use of split screen to highlight some discussion sequences alongside foreplay (and getting down to business) was a fantastic touch. This coupled with the beautiful music that accompanied most of the sex resulted in an overall aesthetic that was a bit retro-looking and truly lovely.

In sum, though I can only speak directly to Volume 3, all signs indicate the Sexing the Transman collection is interesting, thoughtful, and informative. In another word: necessary.


(pictured: not the best screen grab, but I really liked the shirt; from Volume 2 here)


Sexing the Transman XXX (volumes 1 – 3)

Volume 1 (2011)

Featuring performances from Buck Angel, James Darling, MJ, Sean, and Eddie Wood.

Volume 2 (2012)

Featuring performances from Buck Angel, Dominic Reinhard, Rude Bwoy, Tom Bruise, and Wendy Williams.


Get your copy of Sexing the Transman (vol 2) here.

Volume 3 (2013)

Featuring performances from Buck Angel, Rude Bwoy, Bleu, Je, Rex, Lola, Dicky Johnson, and Sean.

Extras: additional few minutes of interview footage with Rude & Lola and Bleu & Je.


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