Review – AMK’s Revenge of the Petites (2012)

A few weeks ago, I attended AMKingdom’s Revenge of the Petites (2012) WORLD PREMIER!! The evening was fraught with adventure that had little to do with the actual film though, and I ended up not watching the entire thing. (you can read all about that here)

But, as my luck would have it, a screener arrived in the mail recently (along with some very useful promo items). I have since managed to watch ROTP in its entirety, and I gotta say: it was one of the most refreshing films I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s why…

1. Revenge of the Petites is silly.

The plot is downright ridiculous, it employs plenty of porn trope standards that often translate into lazy filmmaking coupled with poor acting, the stereotypes run fast and in some instances are too over the top even for fun convention (petite girls vs… taller girls? the carwash-off to save their respective sorority houses?? seriously…), and the 2012 cultural artifacts juxtaposed with the ’80s-era teen sex comedy elements are sometimes too confounding to be taken seriously.

 (pictured: ROTP silly-awesome – buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

But Revenge of the Petites is not supposed to be taken seriously!! It’s an homage to lighthearted yet raunchy films like Revenge of the Nerds (1984) and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982); and if you haven’t watched one of those films lately, let me tell you – they’re as ridiculous as they come.

Anyway, here’s the synopsis and the trailer:

“In Revenge of the Petites, Marie and her best friend Skin embark on their freshman year of college. They soon realize college life is not as easy as it seems. Subjected to the taunts, teasing and practical jokes of the tall and beautiful girls of Theta House, led by the vicious Vanessa, Marie and her friends are left with no choice but to join a sorority for other petite girls. When one cruel, practical joke by the girls of Theta House goes too far, the petites have had enough. With the help of a former member of Theta House, the petites set out to get their revenge in the hilarious and heartfelt coming of age story.” (sic)


It’s cute. And it’s especially cute if you have a thing for some of the performers featured in this film. Most of them are on adorableness overload, especially Marie McCray, Celeste Star (who should have gotten top billing with Marie), and Sativa Verte. Skin Diamond is also very good as Marie’s incredulous, slightly tougher best friend.

2. I may have just been alluding to some of this production’s lazy elements, but I gotta tell you – the presence of some really great elements far outweighed the poor ones.

For example, the way this film was shot: maybe it was accidental, maybe it was inattention or lack of skill… but I doubt it. Revenge of the Petites looks old and grainy; it’s not very crisp, and the lighting is very warm… just like those ’80s movies.

Also, the way the porn was shot. Today, it seems like all we see are discrete scenes a la plot-sex-plot-sex-etc or just sex-sex-sex-etc, and there are many reasons for this. ROTP, however, takes homage even deeper via an homage to “Golden Era” (late ’70s – mid ’80s) adult filmmaking and form.

In ROTP, sex is part of the film in way that we just don’t see today… or at least we don’t see very often. Sex is happening while the plot is happening (i.e. the party scene); sex is actually part of the plot development (i.e. the Thetas’ initial prank); and multiple, distinct sexual encounters happen all at once (like, they’re cut to, cut to, cut to in a sort of montage… not like an orgy scene – that’s different). All the components of this film are woven together in a way that is both refreshing and a nice nod to days of porn-making long past.

(pictured: extremely awesome, super useful ROTP cloth tape measure …and there was more!!)

3. This brings me to something else that’s significant – all the BTS.

First off, Revenge of the Petites is a 3-disc epic. That certainly sounds excessive; however… Disc one is the feature film (you know, that movie with all the sex and plot nicely intertwined), disc two is all the sex scenes uncut (so if intertwined is not your thing or you just want to see every warm, grainy moment, ATK’s got you covered), and disc three is filled with more conventional BTS footage…

…which is actually really interesting at points. Sativa Verte plays Hollywood reporter, interviewing many of the performers in a side-by-side question-and-answer format. Riley Reed and Leilani Leeane offer some interesting perspective about (respectively) mainstream workers on adult sets and the differences between one day and feature shoots. Leilani is particularly insightful.

So yeah, Revenge of the Petites was a really nice package/project altogether. I really liked it. It definitely deserved a world premier.

(pictured: world premier!!!!!!!!)

Recommended for: ’80s film and culture aficionados fans of cutesy/raunchy girl-girl content, sorority girl stereotypes, and the young girl/”teen” adult genre; and the lighthearted!!



Marie McCray, Skin Diamond, Vanessa Cage, Celeste Star, Dani Daniels, Cassandra Nix, Ashley Jane, Zoey Kush, Riley Reid, Sativa Verte, Heidi Hanson, Katie St. Ives, Victoria Rae Black, Tia Cyrus, Nina Devon, Hayden Hawkens, Jenna J. Ross, Leilani Leeane, and Sarah Shevon.

Also: Talon, Kris Slater, Seth Dickens, and James Deen.

Revenge of the Petites was written and directed by Harry Sparks for AMKingdom. It released in May, 2012.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.


BTS: see above


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