Review – Wicked Pictures’ Speed (2010)

So every year I watch Wicked Pictures’ annual big release, and every year I think “There’s no way…”

There was no way they could top Coming Home (2007), which actually brought a little tear to my eye in the end… but then I saw Fallen (2008).  And then there was no way they could top a fallen angel trying to redeem her soul… but then I saw 2040 (2009).  And now, needless to say, Mira the sex robot who begins to feel in an unfeeling world has been replaced by Wicked’s newest amazing-ness, Speed (2010).

Wicked’s newest blockbuster rules!! Seriously. Let me tell you why…

Speed is three+ hours (!!) long, and it unfolds virtually flawlessly. The film is about four semi-rival, semi-clandestine motorcycle “clubs” operating in and around Los Angeles, their interactions with one another, and their eventual demise. There’s an Asian club (led by Keni Styles – yummm!!), a black club (led by Mr. Marcus), the apparently-controlling and most powerful club (led by Derrick Pierce – shiver!!), and a skanky bad guys club-ish (led by Spyder Jonez).

…and the story that unfolds around these clubs is really compelling!! Here’re the essentials: jessica drake gets out of jail, where she has been for four years after taking the fall for her asshole ex-boyfriend (Derrick Pierce). She is adjusting to life on the outside while falling in love with Barrett Blade …who just happens to be Pierce’s right-hand man.

Now forgive me, but I must interrupt myself (??) for a moment here to comment on Barrett Blade who, hel-lo, is developing into the most amazing romantic lead. It’s somewhat odd to get that teenage dreamy feeling while watching porn, but sexy ass Barrett Blade is doing just that for me as of late (I’m just sayin’).

Ok, anyway …back to it!!

Tough, sweet, and long-suffering Kirsten Price is working with the cops as an undercover “spy” of sorts in order to get her father out of jail.  Spyder Jones and his sub-club of sorts, which includes Alektra Blue, are planning a double-crossing coup under the auspices of paying off a significant debt they owe to the black club. And in trying to excise herself from the Asian club, Kaylani Lei finds herself in the arms of Derrick Pierce.  This (and more) love-triangulation and rivalry culminate in a complex and somewhat gruesome conclusion… which, ehhmm, is punctuated throughout by some serious fucking.

Now speaking of fucking, let’s just start out with the obvious highlight: the 16-person poolside orgy scene. I generally find orgy scenes to be a bit too much. There is so much stuff going on that I can’t really absorb any of it, but this is not the case with the orgy scene from Speed.

Maybe it was because each little coupling/tripling (quadrupling!!) has their own chaise lounger or the like to fuck on, or maybe it was because each little orgiastic union could stand alone as its own scene (ie a DP with jessica drake, Tory Lane acting like a pissed off bobcat, the presence of Misty Stone) – who knows?!  All I know is that it was ex-cel-lent.

And if a poolside orgy doesn’t do it for you… well then, you have 10 more scenes to choose from!! Highlights include a raunchy rock star/porn star boy-girl-girl featuring cash, alcohol, Spyder Jonez, and two trampy blondes; a stylized boy-girl-girl between jessica drake, Manuel Ferrara (sigh), and Tori Black; and a pretty hott all girl four-way featuring Alektra Blue …but like I said, there are way more than just those to choose from!

And you may be noticing something by now – there are a lot of hott people in this movie!! Director Brad Armstrong really showed his skills in orchestrating the most epic ensemble cast imaginable.  Honestly – epic.  In addition to those I already mentioned, Speed features a bevy of really incredible performers (including Alexas Texas and Asa Akira). It’s like the adult version of Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen all at once!!

(pictured: only some of the cast of Speed. See more photos from the film taken by AVN here and here)

But there is so so SO much more to Speed – more to the story, sweet action and motorcycle racing, beautiful shots of LA and the outlying desert-scape, and more sex than I care to reveal to you at this moment.  You’re just going to have to watch it for yourself!!  And you won’t be disappointed – as the box copy puts it: “…grab your throttle and get ready for the ride of your life!”

Recommended for: fans of the ensemble cast blockbuster epic!!


Girls: too many to list, but highlights include jessica drake, Alektra Blue, Kaylani Lei, Kirsten Price, Jada Fire, Kayme Kai, Tory Lane, Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Misty Stone, Max Mikita (non sex), and Asa Akira

Guys: too many to list, but highlights include Brad Armstrong, Manuel Ferrara, Tommy Gunn, Barrett Blade, Mr. Marcus, Derrick Pierce, Spyder Jonez, Eric Masterson, Keni Styles, and Randy Spears (non sex).

Directed by Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures. Released in September, 2010. Buy your copy here.

(pictured: jessica drake… can you do this?)

And holy crap talk about bts!! Speed is a three-disk affair: Disc 1 contains the feature film. Disc 2 contains fairly standard bts content, all of which is well done and interesting. I especially liked jessica drake’s description of getting her motorcycle license in preparation for the film. She actually rides, which is pretty darn tough! (pictured: jessica drake)

Disc 3 contains an extended version of the poolside orgy scene (it needed to be longer??); four bonus scenes featuring Wicked contract girls; and two deleted scenes from Speed, one prison girl masturbation scene with Sarah Jessie and Rayveness and another girl-girl with Kaylani Lei and Max Mikita.

Herein lies the only problem I have with Speed– why oh why was the scene with Kaylani and Max deleted?? It would have added so much to the narrative arch of the film (everyone’s primary concern, I know haha), and it was hott hott hott.  Honestly, I would have taken that scene over most of those that made the final cut… but not because any of the others were bad – because the Kaylani/Max scene was that good.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, Speed also includes a copy of Wicked’s 2010 sampler disc.  The sampler includes six more sex scenes, among other company promo content. At $34.99 (original pricing), you are seriously getting your money’s worth!!

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