Review – Girlfriends Films’ Poor Little Shyla (2011)

Poor little Shyla – everyone wants a piece of her …but she can barely handle carrying her own backpack.

Ummm… what?

(pictured: Shyla Jennings – I’m supposed to feel sorry for her?!)

When I recently got the means to view Girlfriends Films’ newest release, Poor Little Shyla (2011), I was a bit apprehensive.  No, it wasn’t because of my fear of VOD (PLS is currently only available on VOD here).  It also wasn’t because of my on again/off again bad (fan) romance with some of the film’s performers, oh no – it was because of this section of synopsis right here:

“Shyla wants desperately to be part of the cool crowd but the leg braces she wears makes it hard for her to fit in.” (sic)

Now I know that Girlfriends Films addresses all sorts of really tough and touchy issues, from religion to scheming corruption to intergenerational lesbianism, in their productions – this is part of why they’re so amazing… but ablebodiedness? Moreover, a differently-abled character played by the currently ablebodied hottie cuteness Shyla Jennings?! I’m gonna go ahead and admit it: I was nervous.

In Poor Little Shyla, Shyla really does want to be part of the cool crowd, which in this instance is made up of Georgia Jones and Faye Reagan. Ms. Georgia and Ms. Faye aren’t having it though… that is, until they stage this little hazing scenario that involves them tying up Shyla, stealing her crutches (!!), making fun of her red padded bra, and probing around for some “evidence” of her virginity – poor little Shyla!!

Georgia and Faye are excellent mean girls, and Shyla is very convincingly being tortured to tears by these little bitches in this first scene (which is mostly a tease). Eventually, Faye’s mother RayVeness bursts in and rescues Shyla …only to reveal that she’s also got designs on our differently-abled foster kid friend. Yes, Shyla is also in foster care – poor little Shyla!!

The film progresses in typical Girlfriends Films’ fashion – four more slow-burning scenes wherein mothers and daughters and busty lusty school psychologist sorts attempt to untangle a web of burgeoning sexuality and adult desire. The untangling, of course, is very hands on…

…and so awesomely done!! Two particular elements stood out to me.

(pictured: get Poor Little Shyla here)

First and foremost, Poor Little Shyla portrays a person with variable physical abilities as sexy and desirable (in the context of porn, no less) – Shyla’s got all the ladies in this film riled up in some way!!  Now don’t get crazy – this is not to say that Girlfriends Films has produced some representation of sexuality and variable physical ability that is lacking in problematic elements.  Nothing is without problems, and that’s totally not the point. The point is that Shyla, braces and all, is the predominant object of desire in this film.  And even though Georgia and Faye are mean to Shyla, they’re clearly mean because they like her. Showing differently-abled persons as sexually desirable and desiring is rare, even in the mainstream; and Girlfriends has done something rather unique in this context.

Secondly, this film is laden with humorous snark, especially from Faye. That girl is on fire as a manipulative little brat looking to bang whomever (while blaming everything on Georgia, heh heh), and she’s really good at being bad. For example, she seduces Shyla’s younger sister Tabby by convincing her that her parents have traded her to Romanians in exchange for a new car – totally dead pan and hilarious!!

Poor Little Shyla was quite a surprise, which retrospectively I feel rather silly about saying. The sex is hott, the performances are excellent, Faye shines as a crafty little bitch brat, and the subject matter is dealt with gracefully.  It’s real testament to the quality of Girlfriends Films’ content in general.

Recommended for: fans of Forrest Gump (1994), My Left Foot (1989), and anything involving Helen Keller – strength beyond strength, survivors.



With performances from RayVeness, Faye Reagan, Georgia Jones, Shyla Jennings, Tanya Tate, Ariella Ferrera, Shay Fox, and Tabby

Released on January 11, 2011 (at 1:11 AM – no joke!), and currently available on VOD only (here)

…and a really interesting article with input from Girlfriends Films founder and CEO Dan O’Connell from here.


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