Review – Girlfriends Films’ Imperfect Angels Series

Who doesn’t love watching their favorite shows on DVD?  I mean, is there really any other way to watch TV-type content nowadays?  (the answer is “No”)

Well, if you’re a fan of serials and not a fan of overdone girl-girl starlet scenes, you absolutely must check out Girlfriends Films.

Girlfriends Films, whose content is regularly tagged as being “simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video,” produces stand alone titles, vignette-ish serials, and a number of series narratives – think Gossip Girl to Passions to Law & Order.  Each of these “shows” take place in the fictional town of Thornhill.

Interested in surly softball hotties wrecking scheming havoc on pretty much everyone at the University of Thornhill?  Real estate agents helping/hustling Thornhill’s upside-down women homeowners and residents? Thornhill’s lesbian police force?  Well then the Field of Schemes, House Hunters, and To Protect and to Serve series (respectively) are for you. And if daytime-like drama centered around forbidden sexual desire is what gets you going, then one of Girlfriends Films’ most popular series, Imperfect Angels, has what you’re looking for.  

In a nutshell, Imperfect Angels chronicles a woman’s negotiation of her same-sex desires while in a heterosexual marriage that is strongly influenced by the Christian church.

In the first installment of the series, Maggie (played by Magdalene St. Michaels) must contend with “deprogramming therapy,” mixed reactions to her sexuality from members of her community, and mothering her too-sweet step-daughter Faye (played by Faye Reagan).  As the series progresses, we meet a predatory choir director (played by RayVeness), Maggie is blackmailed by her other stepdaughter Daisy, and Faye struggles with her own sexuality – things get complicated for this “tangled web of fallen doves!!!”

(pictured: Imperfect Angels 3… because it was the only box cover from the series with no nudity)

Want a taste? Here is the plot summary for Episode 7: “With her sexual conquest of two new young girls, including the very conflicted Heather, Samantha bounces back from Faye’s tragic suicide in Imperfect Angels 6. The predatory RayVeness continues to exploit her position in the church to lure young Hayden into her clutches. Plagued by her own guilt over Faye, Bobbi submits sexually to the pastor’s wife.”


A bunch more stuff happens that I don’t want to give away, but let me tell you – Girlfriends Films takes a bold step in exploring tensions between sexuality and religion in this series.  Honestly, I was really stunned by the depth in which they explore these issues.  Some of the plot developments are a bit dramatic, but not inappropriate for the soap-opera feel of this series; and others are really daring.  I was hard pressed to think of another series (mainstream, adult, or otherwise) that touched on some of the themes Imperfect Angels tackles head on.

According to filmmakers, “there was a real challenge to present kinky, hardcore lesbian sex and not kick dirt on the religious and moral components [of the story]. This is a problem that has challenged and broken many families, and we wanted to present it as the serious situation it is.”  Can you say “progressive porn,” because I can?

(pictured: Faye Reagan)

Oh yeah, this is porn… so maybe you want to know about the sex?

First of all, Faye Reagan is featured prominently throughout this series… but it’s an awesome tease as she doesn’t have a sex scene until Imperfect Angels 2.  Second of all, Dana DeArmond is in almost every season (heeeello, bebe).  And third of all, these scenes really develop and are integrally connected to the plot. No joke. It’s like you are watching a movie or a show or something and the conversation or whatever it is that’s happening leads into sex… and generally some pretty serious sex at that.  The scenes in this series (and in any Girlfriends Films) don’t seem contrived or forced at all.  It really is something different. Now if only they would come out with a boxed set…

(pictured: Dana DeArmond – the internet’s girlfriend)

Recommended for: those of us who love getting the DVDs of our favorite shows and then watching multiple seasons all in one weekend (!!!), fans of the internet’s girlfriend and the ginger SNAP!



Ladies: Magdalene St. Michaels, RayVeness, Faye Reagan, and Dana DeArmond in regularly recurring roles, and featuring Andy San Dimas, Zoe Britton, and Prinzzess among many others

Guys: no boys allowed!! (in the sex scenes; there are some occasional boys playing supporting roles)

Directed by Marda Caleeko for Girlfriends Films

Most recent installment of this series, Imperfect Angels 8, released in August, 2010


BTS: Not much in terms of extras here.  Galleries and/or a bonus scene/highlight reel included with some episodes.  I honestly don’t think this series lends itself to too many extras though – you get quite a lot from the content as it is.


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