Review – Cal Vista Picture’s Alice (2010)

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking Glass (1871) both contain a quite a lot of dirty subtext, and it’s this very subtext that inspired Cal Vista Picture’s Alice (2010).

Nineteen-year-old Alice (played by thirty-year-old Sunny Lane) dozes off while her older sister is reading to her from a rather naughty little picture book.  She then proceeds to follow the white rabbit back down into Wonderland and have all sorts of subtext-inspired adventures – she goes out dancing at Club The Hole with her girls, Tweedle Dee and White Rabbit; she meets the caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire cat; she attends The Mad Hatter’s tea party in the woods; then she wakes up all confused and a little flushed.  It’s cute.

Sunny Lane’s Alice is sweet but definitely not naïve.  Her version of Alice holds her own with a bevy of Carroll’s crazy characters, including Evan Stone’s version of The Mad Hatter (which is essentially just Evan playing himself – awesome), and delivers three rather identifiable boy-girl scenes.

Identifiable?  ehhh… that’s not sexy.  Wrong! – the “identifiable” thing is what’s best about this movie: the story resonates with Carroll’s originals, but with just the right amount of co-directors Erica McLean’s and Carlos Batts’ vision and porno flash to make it interesting.  Alice is packed with sex (seven total scenes), but there’s nothing therein that would constitute “crazy.”  And, most significantly, none of the talent in this film were overtly “pornish.”  This is its greatest strength.

(pictured: Sunny Lane as Alice)

Alice was very well cast if one is looking to reach “real” people (whatever that means). Sunny Lane is believable as nineteen-year-old Alice, but she’s not nineteen herself. Call me old fashioned, but something about the whole SWAT*-type thing doesn’t do it for me. McLean and Batts made a great choice in casting a solid performer as the lead, rather than some late-adolescent nymphet.  And speaking of solid, we come to another strength of this film.

Alice is filled with great fantasy elements, but it’s also filled with relatable talent having relatable sex. God love each and every one of them, there are no over-done skinny bitch starlet types in this film. The dirty talk is awkward, but in a cute way; you get to see stockings being ripped and bras coming off; and in one scene Sunny Lane’s eye make-up is smeared (!!)… like, really smeared – all things that happen in real life that you don’t ordinarily see in this “big movie feature” genre of porn, and it’s fan-fucking-tastic.

Which brings me to the real highlight of this film – April Flores.  I love April Flores. She’s so charming and cute, so pin-up bombshell beautiful, and when I heard that American Apparel basically told her that she was too fat to warrant their attention as a customer… well, I was in love. She is a perfect imagination of the Queen of Hearts.  Her scene with CJ Wright was cut very strangely, almost like a music video (this may be because April hasn’t been in that many scenes and may be a testament to her experience?), but who cares!  It was fantastic, and April Flores was, hands down, the highlight of Alice.

(pictured: April Flores as the Queen of Hearts)

Recommended for: couples, fans of the white girl ghetto booty, those of us in possession of a white girl ghetto booty, purists.


Girls: Sunny Lane, April Flores, Andy San Dimas, Kimberly Kane, and others

Guys: Otto Bauer, CJ Wright, Evan Stone, and others

Directed by Erica McLean and Carlos Batts for Cal Vista. Released in August, 2010. Buy your copy of Alice here.

Extras: Standard BTS content and galleries.  Sunny Lane is especially charming in the box cover shoot portion of the BTS content, which is also well-edited. Great packaging too, with a hard and soft sleeve.

* SWAT is a referent to Vouyer Media’s S.W.A.T “sex with a teenager” series… as in sex with eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds.

* * *

Images throughout courtesy of Cal Vista.

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