The Elexis Monroe Benefit Movie

Girlfriends Films’ Lesbian Sex, Vol. 10 (2013) – The Elexis Benefit Movie… what a back story this film has!!

First off, Girlfriends Films’ Lesbian Sex series is pretty dang good. It centers on telling “intimate true stories” – women performers paired in scenes spend some time talking, either about their histories together or just getting to know each other, before they have sex. Sometime we get groups of four women chatting it up, but mostly it’s couples. Sometimes the conversation is light and cheery, other times it’s deep and emotional. Regardless of tenor though, you always get to know the ladies in a very personal way. I like it.

(you can read more about the Lesbian Sex series here)

Volume 10 of the series is extra special – it’s a benefit film for Girlfriends Films’ regular Elexis Monroe. In case you missed it…


Something horrible happened to adult performer Elexis Monroe late last November. Apparently, some shoddy dental work gave rise to a massive bone-deep infection in her face. By all accounts, this was an extremely gruesome life-and-death situation.

Elexis immediately began reaching out to her fans and community, seeking assistance wherever possible. Many people rushed to help this beloved single mother, myself included …and I don’t even know Elexis!! Girlfriends Films also included.

Girlfriends Films, who I tout endlessly as one of the most civic and community minded companies ever (adult and otherwise), immediately stepped up to help their girl. They devised a benefit plan connected to the production of Lesbian Sex Vol. 10 whereby Elexis received what I imagine was a very helpful chunk of money, almost immediately.

But no good deed goes unpunished, and some folks connected to the production of the film had all sorts of unsavory things to say about Girlfriends Films and the project’s proceeds (which had never been promised to Elexis). You can read all about that confusion –> here.

Ultimately, the only two parties that actually know what happened – Elexis and Girlfriends Films – released statements, clearing up the confusion and offering profound thanks and well-wishes. Yay!! You can read all about that on AVN –> here.

BUT THEN, if all that wasn’t enough, another series of misdoings on Elexis’ behalf were alleged by an adult industry blogger. Specifically, Elexis was accused of scamming money from her fans and then doing renovations on her house. And also, being stupid enough to talk about all these goings on on Twitter. (all that is –> here)

le sigh.

GFF Elexis

(pictured: image from Lesbian Sex Vol. 10)

Elexis reached out to me toward the middle of last week with a statement regarding the meanings of those tweets… because there were, in fact, tweets about her having work done on her home, etc. I thought this was extremely interesting as, again, I do not know Elexis. We have communicated via social media and now email, but that’s all. Why would she reach out to me? I can only figure that what was being said about her was so troubling that she felt cornered and bullied. (at least, that’s what it looked like to me)

It’s with these things in mind that I am reprinting - with permission – some of Elexis’ messages to me. Though she said I could share everything, I’m only printing portions – there’s a lot of personal stuff in there, and I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable putting it all out there on the interwebs. (but if you’re really curious, Elexis did send her statement to at least one other outlet – google it)

Here’s the thing… I’m 100% on board with calling things like they are – a spade is a spade, and what have you. But all my work is directed, largely, at showing a different, more complicated side of things. Sure, scams and nasty exploitative things have occurred in the past and will continue to happen in the future; but if that’s not the case, there is no reason to let such an impression lie. I would be remiss and untrue to my own endeavor to show the human complexity shaping the adult industry – which is no different from the complexity shaping any community – if I did not pass on the insights Elexis chose to share with me.

Thus, to wit, directly from Elexis:

I’ve been trying to get health insurance all this last year. It’s very expensive and difficult for me. I have a medical history that certain companies consider ‘high risk’ to say the least…

The fact [the above mentioned adult industry blogger] is telling my fans I’m using money to fix my house is ridiculous. Also, lies! I rent a town home that’s almost 30 years old. [The landlord/owner has] been saying he’s going to ‘fix things’ forever. The last few months, being home more and sick [and] paying rent for things that didn’t work, I snapped.

I’ve had no working dishwasher for years or garage door. My oven stopped working and because I was furious about cooking meals, he replaced that finally. The sink is bad, the bathrooms are 26+ years old. Plumbings, paint, fans. He finally just fixed the broken shower doors in my kids bathroom and put up a curtain. My own bathroom hasn’t worked and shower broken since last year so we share one….. And the carpet downstairs. It’s 12+ years old!!! The house needs [to be] fixed, basic upkeep and maintenance, but there is no way in the world I would ever pay for a dime of that. I pay rent…

If someone doesn’t know me and has never met me, please talk to me. I’m the nicest person ever. If you don’t know me, please don’t make up lies about me as a parent, how I live my life, my health situation. I already had my face cut open, this isn’t some Internet joke or fun blog post to me…

I’m not rich. I make enough to get by and that has been good for me. As long as my kid is taken care of I’m happy. I have her future to worry about as well as mine.

I don’t need someone posting nothing but harmful lies about me to the world or my fans, when I’m trying to be positive and survive this difficult time in my life.

Be well, Elexis. It sounds like you have a lot of difficult circumstances to deal with right now and a lot of responsibilities in general. I hope this bit of sharing helps combat these apparently unfounded and unnecessary speculations.


You can contact Elexis Monroe at and/or on Twitter at @ElexisMonroe.


Oh and fyi: Lesbian Sex, Vol. 10 - The Elexis Benefit Movie was great!!

The lead in interviews were really very sweet, with each lady talking about Elexis and what she means to them. There was also interesting discussion of performer solidarity and some cutesy girl talk in general. And the sex was on par with what you’d expect from Girlfriends Films – hott!!

An all-around excellent installment in the series.


Lesbian Sex, Vol. 10 - The Elexis Benefit Movie

Hosted by Elexis Monroe, with performances from Samantha Ryan, Lily Cade, Jessie Andrews, Sinn Sage, Zoey Holloway, Aaliyah Love, Elle Alexandra, and Sovereign Syre.

Girlfriends Films’ Lesbian Sex, Vol. 10 released in January, 2013. Buy your copy here.


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