PVV/Review – Jules Jordan Video’s Nacho Invades America 1 (2011)

I’ve been saving this one for today on purpose…

Nacho Invades America 1 (2011) was only the beginning of “Spanish Assassin” Nacho Vidal’s return (return? visit? who knows…) to the US – there’s a volume 2, as well.


(pictured: watch Nacho invade “America”!! buy your copy and/or watch it now here)

Fairly typical, yet extremely hardcore, this all-sex content from “Professional Perverts” Jules Jordan Video highlights Nacho Vidal’s prowess and proclivities, which he proceeds to spray all over Tory Lane, Kristina Rose, Kagney Linn Karter, Angelina Valentine, and Jenna Presley.

Accordingly, “…No holes are safe!”

1. “Kagney Linn Karter gets fucked… like never before!”

Nacho starts out relatively gently with Ms. Kagney Linn, which is not to say that he’s gentle at all. He’s gentle for Nacho. Kagney, who is no novice, always seems a little tender in more hardcore scenes. This one is no different, and we learn in the BTS that this is the first time she’s worked with Nacho…

2. “Jenna Presley gets the Latin Psycho experience!”

Latin psycho? The intensity gets turned up a notch with Jenna, who squirts all over the place in the first five minutes.

3. “Nacho has a big ‘Heart-On’ for Miss [Angelina] Valentine!”

Angelina Valentine seems to like to do everything big and dramatic – hair, nails, lips, mannerisms, and everything else. She is wearing something black and fishnetted, suspended in a cage at the scene’s outset… and she proceeds to get railed every which way you can imagine as it unfolds. Often, it looks like her lips are going to pop. Perhaps Nacho’s foot in her mouth irritated them?

4. “Nacho breaks the hardcore Queen!” (Tory Lane)

Tory Lane is the perfect partner for Nacho – they appear to be in the exact same place and seem to work well together. Although the scene looked eye-wateringly ridiculous to me, she did not seem broken at all. The whole thing looked great… for them.

5. “A [Kristina] Rose by any other name does not get ass fucked so sweet!”

Kristina Rose is always interesting; she was extra interesting here. An amalgamation of Kagney’s doe-eyed tenderness and Tory’s honed extreme sex performance prowess, Kristina was the perfect fuck toy for Nacho… but I hated it when he spit water on her, hated it when he rubbed her face in his cum all over the couch, and hated it when he threw her in the pool. She couldn’t have been happier, though.

I gotta tell ya…

I’m not into Nacho Vidal. Granted, I’ve never met him in real life and everyone he works with seems to enjoy him on camera… he’s good looking and seems suave and charming… but I just don’t like the stuff he does. I really really REALLY don’t like that stepping-on-the-head-while-fucking thing. And though he always seems captivated by whomever he’s working with, what he does just looks too rough. It kinda freaks me out.

Which is absolutely perfect.

In “America” and on the Fourth of July, Nacho Vidal gets to have sex however he wants, and he gets to perform sex in whatever way works for him in conjunction with what a producer and/or director is trying to create. Further, his scene partners get to decide whether or not they want to work with him within the context of extremely hardcore, yet very expected/easily anticipated, porn production.

Because this is “America” (as in, the United States of).

I chose to write about Nacho invading “America” via a Jules Jordan film today, on the Fourth of July, precisely because this content makes me a little uncomfortable. I love the fact that we live in culture where Nacho Invades America 1 both deserves and is permitted to exist.


Recommended for: everyone and no one – if you appreciate the civil liberties we get to enjoy in the United States, then it’s your right to engage this film. It’s also your right to refrain from watching it. These options are awesome, and we – as US persons – are very very lucky to have them.



Performances from Tory Lane, Kristina Rose, Kagney Linn Karter, Angelina Valentine, and Jenna Presley. Each chic gets a variation of the “Latin Psycho” Experience.

Nacho Invades America 1 was directed by Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video and was released in September, 2011.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here.


BTS: standard BTS footage and fare, but the Nacho Aftermath interviews with four of the five women in this film (we do see some before and mid-scene footage with Angelina, but no post) are the most enlightening… Kagney seems shaken but happy, Jenna is happily showering, Tory is as surly/sassy as ever, and Kristina is swimming, happy as a lark – lauding a performance that has clearly pushed her boundaries in a way she appreciates. Happy, happy, happy…

Realizing that these ladies are good furthers my point – just because I’m somewhat uncomfortable with Nacho’s performance style doesn’t mean that anyone else is.

“America… fuck yeah!!”


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