PVV/Review – I miss Mason…

Mason – all we ever get to see is her voice and her vision…

Ever elusive, Mason creates some of the most beautiful and unique adult content ever conceived: aesthetically stark and superb, with a style all her own, Mason’s work is (most often) hard as fkkk. And the women featured in her projects laugh, talk, and share in a manner that’s simply perfect. Because she interviews them.

Sometimes Mason works to show a softer side, but it’s her hard glam-gonz content that I love. So much is done to debunk myths about women (porn producers and performers, as well as women in general) in one five-scene collection. Or in one gang bang.

But recently, due to some organizational *restructuring* and whatnot, Mason’s work has become less accessible to me… like, I don’t get screeners of it anymore… and I miss youuu, Mason!!

Luckily though, I recently came across two of Mason’s newer efforts – Anikka and Eternal Passion (vol 1), titles from her Hard X and Erotica X productions (via OpenLife and Mile High) respectively. So sigh… some thoughts:


Eternal Passion (vol 1)

Eternal Passion is a romance(ish) series from Erotica X – think intimacy and chemistry.

I can say this about volume 1 – it was beautiful. Each of the four boy-girl scenes were absolutely stunning… I just don’t think I was quite sold on the whole romance thing (yet). This is not to suggest the performances weren’t hot and connected – they were. It’s more that I don’t think Mason’s softer lens was quite developed or refined here. This line/studio was still finding its legs.

Since Eternal Passion (vol 1) though, six or so more Erotica X titles have been released (including Eternal Passion vol 2) – I expect that later releases are closer to the stated mission associated with this line.


(pictured: buy your copy of Eternal Passion and/or watch it now here)


Anikka (2013)

Oh my god, EVERYTHING about Anikka is perfection!!

Anikka Albrite has never been too prominent on my radar. This is not to suggest I did not appreciate her work, just that her career thus far had not really afforded her much opportunity for personal insight, interviews, and the like. Who was this Bridget Fonda-looking bleach blondie with the unique, nifty name?


(pictured: buy your copy and/or watch Anikka here)

You get to know so much about Anikka during Anikka via five great scenes and so much interesting interview footage – Mason crafting content at her finest. The *obvious* sex highlight is Anikka’s first on-screen anal scene with Mick Blue (who I think is her IRL boyfriend). It’s actually a really joyous exchange, and I 100% buy the intimacy here. My favorite though was the final Mad Max, dirt, desert, filthy car scene with James Deen and Ramon Nomar. Though James’ need to keep his boots on was occasionally distracting, Anikka is a sweet mess who ends up exhausted and blissful, covered with road dust on the trunk. It has to be seen to believed.

(and, as a random aside, I gotta say: Anikka’s skin looks luminous in this collection – beautiful!!)

So, given Anikka and Eternal Passion (vol 1), I think Mason is able to get more sincere connections from performers in her harder content. Though this obviously depends on the performers themselves, it’s clear that Mason knows all too well how to push limits and grow individual experience in a really positive way.

But I love that Mason is working on expanding her own craft via Erotica X’s “romantic-hard” platform… because romance isn’t all flowers and snuggles. It comes in many forms. I love that Mason is pushing herself as a director – it shows that she’s willing to grow her own experience, too.


(pictured: intimacy and romance comes in many forms)


Eternal Passion (vol 1)

With performances from Chloe Foster, Dillion Harper, Mia Malkova, Jaslene Jade (as Natalie Heart), Danny Mountain, James Deen, Logan Pierce, and Tyler Nixon.

Directed by Mason for Erotica X (via OpenLife, Mile High). Released in September, 2013.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here. 

Extras: not much.


(pictured: a very sweet shot of Danny Mountain and Mia Malkova)



With performances from Annika Albrite (as Anikka Albrite), Riley Reid, James Deen, Jon Jon, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Prince Yahshua, and Ramon Nomar.

Directed by Mason for Hard X (via OpenLife, Mile High). Released in October, 2013.

Buy your copy and/or watch it now here. 

Extras: great BTS footage taken before and after each scene, and honestly – the various “getting to know Anikka” sequences set throughout the film may seem *extra* to some, but they’re literally the best part. This young woman is truly thoughtful, charming, and talented. (opera singing – yes!!)


(pictured: Anikka is definitely worth listening to)


For more of Mason’s work, see Remy LaCroix, Mia, Lexi, and Dani Daniels: Dare.


(pictured: hula-hoop girl awesome is all here!!)


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