PVV – when Stoya met Buck Angel!!

Recently, I came across the best photo set EVER on Fleshbot.com entitled “When Stoya Met Buck Angel.”

It was a pretty simple concept – two folks named Stoya and Buck Angel took some really cute pictures together. And, partly because both porn performers (among many other things) and also partly because Fleshbot is an adult-oriented news site, there was some nakedness involved.

Score!! but no big overall… at least not superficially.

But this photo set is actually a “super big” that engages sex and gender and gender presentation (among many other things) in a playful and transgressive way.

That’s right – playful and transgressive.

Among many other things, Stoya is a cisgender woman, an aeriel acrobat (she can do all that neat hoop dancing stuff), and a contract performer for one of the adult industry’s largest and most successful production companies (Digital Playground). In the grand scheme of porn performers working today, she’s pretty mainstream.

Also among many other things, Buck “The Original Man with a Pussy” Angel is a transgender man, an educator, and just about as nichey fringe as an adult performer can get… especially when juxtaposed with Stoya.

Or at least, maybe that’s what you’d think.

In this delightful photo set, aside from seeing two interesting individuals having a fun time together, you also get to see a fascinating exploration of sex (both Stoya and Buck are were assigned “female”) and how gender can manifest so variably (Stoya identifies as a woman, Buck as a man). You also get to see all sorts of fun gender play as Stoya and Buck enact variable gender performances – because men and/or women don’t necessarily do femininity and/or masculinity in the same way(s).

And if all that’s not enough, you also get to see two folks that are presumably from very opposite sides of the porn tracks goofing around together in an exposition that reveals there’s not much separating us as humans… at least, there really shouldn’t be.

(pictured: Buck and Stoya; for the full photo set, go here)

Stoya and Buck show us very clearly that femininity (whatever that is) doesn’t “belong” to the female body, nor does masculinity (also, whatever that is) “belong” to the male. Gender is fluid. Gender is what you make of it, and it operates in conjunction with the social relationships that shape our daily lives.

I was so pleased to get such a light, fun, and adorable reminder of/lesson in something as complex as sex and gender – yay, today!! Yay, Buck and Stoya!!

Make sure to check out the entire “When Stoya Met Buck Angel” gallery here. This amazing photo set is by Ellen Stagg (www.staggstreet.com).

(pictured: Buck and Stoya; for the full photo set, go here)

More on Digital Playground (reviews and such) here.

Pictures from the Fleshbot.com gallery “When Stoya Met Buck Angel” taken by Ellen Stagg here.

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