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Happy Saturday!!

Care to get frustrated? Here are two bits to help you out – one on celebrity sex tapes and a call for a return to more shameful days (!!) and yet another lamentation re porn addiction and the need for “real” sex… le sigh


When Celebrity Sex Videos Are Rated Y (for Yawn)” by Alex Williams, New York Times (10/18/13)

Nostalgic Alex asks us…

Remember when the celebrity sex video still had the power to shock, when the leak of a private home movie was greeted as a pop-culture event, with Hollywood careers in the balance?

Those were the days. (here)

So… Alex is romanticizing the days when *known* people could be shamed and publicly humiliated by “evidence” of their sexual encounters?

What a douche.

Look Alex, some things I get – I get “celebrity sex tapes” nowadays are pretty much PR scams. Backdoor to Farrah (or whatever it’s called) is a perfect example. And when a professional sex performer like James Deen is ashamed to share his work – because that production was work, not a romantic dalliance between a couple – we should all take note of what’s going on.

Maybe sex tapes today are boring… Wait, sex tapes today ARE boring – it’s partly because they’re not longer “real” private moments (we love seeing something we’re technically not supposed to)… But the idea that you would rather go back to the days when a woman could be publicly humiliated after her private loving moments were literally stolen (Pam) or that you advocate young women being shamed by their exploratory sex behavior (Paris and Kim)… well, no.


(pictured: more embarrassing to JD than anyone…)

I have written more on the evolution of “celebrity sex tapes” here – enjoy!!


My Sexuality After Porn” by Issac Abel, Salon (10/30/13) 

The annoyingly self-righteous and pseudonymed (why the fake name, bro? who are you?), Isaac Abel recently let us know that…

Years of Internet smut screwed with my mind. With my girlfriend’s help, I tried to reprogram how I get turned on. (here)


[P]orn didn’t visit my mind to spice things up; it colonized my sexual brain. Porn grabbed as much terrain as it could and wiped out whatever native culture might have otherwise lived there. Now, I can’t just complement my sex with a little visual arousal, I practically need it to cum. (here)

This is so tedious to me.

Porn is not alive!! Porn did not take over your computer and/or direct your to whatever XXX site. Porn is not an aware being with a conscious set of goals, much less a conscious set of goals that involve colonizing and corrupting your brain

Look “Issac,” I’m happy that you’re working to build a more fulfilling sex life. But blaming porn for your need for self-reflection and intimacy work doesn’t help. It just makes you seem like a fool looking to pass the buck.

You remind me of this guy Davy I wrote about once… (here)


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