PVV – the plural of “moratorium” is…

…moratoria – as in three, the third this year actually. (so far?)

On Friday evening, December 6, 2013, the FSC called for a production moratorium after one of the testing facilities in its PASS testing system reported a positive HIV test for an adult performer.

This is the third production moratorium called by the FSC this year. Though undeniably frightening, tedious, and stressful, production was halted. Again. (here)

The need to know who – who, who, WHO is it?!! – was immediate. And though I can empathize with this need, wider federal and state laws mandate certain parameters be followed within the context of the adult industry’s self-imposed mitigation system. Consequently, those who seek to act outside these strictures while perhaps espousing their “legal laurels” in other matters… well, these folks often answer to the name “Pot” (or something like that).

That gets us through Saturday.

Then, a truly juvenile, attention-seeking stunt that can be only be described as dangerous, detrimental, and disgusting occurred within the adult industry over the weekend. I do not care to recount this foolishness –  if you must, a good summary of the entire thing is here.

And now it’s Monday, and people are waiting for an update.

Any update? Anything..?

I’m often asked what’s the main “problem” between adult and the wider world. I can answer this succinctly – it’s education. Specifically, our general lack of comprehensive, judgement-free sex education. If we as a culture were better educated about sex, that would be a big help re us understanding porn for what it is. Done.

Nobody ever really asks me though: “What’s the main problem within adult?” I find this both troubling and telling…

You see, nobody really cares. The county doesn’t care, health organizations and labor rights groups don’t care, social justice groups don’t care, etc. This is not because all these groups are assholes – some are, but some are just fighting from a different angle and/or for a different version of a different picture.

But I care.

I care about issues impacting the adult industry from within. And I think some people inside the industry care – a lot. But honestly? Most people just don’t give a shit. Herein lies the primary issue.

You see, the main “problem” within adult is not its inability to be honest about economic crises, nor is it piracy. It’s not variable visions of art or sex, nor is it a complete disregard of history and memory. It’s not workplace standards or sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or racism.

Now, don’t get me wrong – all of these things (and more) are hugely significant issues within the adult industry. But after so many years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the main “problem” within adult is community. Really, it’s the lack thereof.

(though the overall collective repudiation of the whole Sunday Stupidity thing was fantastic)

Adult industry, I implore you: realize you are a community. In spite of whatever differences you may have amongst yourselves, in spite of the business sub-sects and production cliques that prevail, realize that you all have more invested in each other than you do with the *outside* world. If you do not ally to protect your own interests, those interests will soon be gone.

Everyone is accountable. If you don’t like what is happening, do something productive and beneficial.

But stop the in-fighting. Because the only net you have is your own.


* * *

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