PVV – the letter I wrote to members of the CA Labor Committee re #AB332

Below is the letter I sent, one to each member of the California State Assembly Labor Committee. I emailed each with the subject “In opposition of AB332” – feel free to borrow at will!!

Contact information and more on this entire call to action —> here.

Remember: if you don’t take action now, you cannot complain later.


Dear [Assemblymember X],

Hello! My name is Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, PhD. I am a Sociologist and Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC). I have now spent over ten years researching and exploring the adult entertainment industry.

I am writing to you today in opposition of Assembly Bill 332 (AB332). Following are only some of the reasons why I feel AB332 is extremely problematic and detrimental to adult performers, California residents, the structure of the state overall, and the whole of US culture.

1. Condoms and other forms of barrier protection introduce a series of occupational hazards that non-porn performers do not seem to understand. AB332 does not take into consideration the specific nature of adult performers’ work (which cannot be compared to “everyday” sex), nor does it consider workers’ insights and experiences.

See —> Tibbals, Chauntelle Anne. 2012. “‘Anything that forces itself into my vagina is by definition raping me…’ – Adult Performers and Occupational Safety and Health.” Stanford Law and Policy Review (SLPR).

2. This proposed legislation is overbroad and was written without the input of those most affected by it: the producers and performers of the adult production industry. If allowed by California lawmakers, AB332 will drive the adult industry out of California to areas where responsible, appropriate regulation will be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce.

AB332 will destroy the existing adult community. Members of the adult community – performers, as well as those who work in related and support occupations – are still highly stigmatized, judged, and discriminated against in wider culture. Destroying the adult community will, in turn, destroy a group’s social, emotional, etc support system.

Further, AB332 will impact thousands of behind-the-scenes workers – individuals who, according to the CDC, make up the bulk of adult industry employees at a ratio of 5 BTS workers to 1 performer.

See —> Tibbals, Chauntelle Anne. 2013 (early release 2011). “Sex Work, Office Work – Women Working Behind the Scenes in the US Adult Film Industry.” Gender, Work & Organization.

See also —> Tibbals, Chauntelle Anne. 2013. “When Law Moves Quicker Than Culture – Key Jurisprudential Regulations Shaping the US Adult Content Production Industry.” St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice.

3. AB332 will put adult performers at greater risk for STI infection. AB332 champions a mode of STI mitigation that is far less effective than the adult industry’s existing testing system (APHSS.org – to which performers and producers are voluntarily compliant). Mandating barrier protection will cripple a system that has kept adult performers safe at a statistically remarkable rate.

See —> Tibbals, Chauntelle Anne. 2010. “From ‘The Devil in Miss Jones’ to ‘DMJ6′ – Power, Inequality, and Consistency in the Content of US Adult Films.” Sexualities.

(the above referenced peer-reviewed scholarly articles are itemized at www.chauntelletibbals.com and can be found in the university library of your choice)

Please, do not support AB332 – this legislation is poorly written, uninformed, and unnecessarily overbroad. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more insights gleaned from my extensive, rigorous research. Thank you for your time.


Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, PhD


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