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So perhaps some of you remember “porn prom” (or #pornprom, as it were)?

I wrote about it here and talked about it at length on an episode of “The Dr. Chauntelle Show,” but for those of you who need a refresher…

This past March, some then-already 18-year-old kid from Minnesota started tweeting around asking porn performers to go to prom with him. Apparently, he sent out over 600 Twitter messages – he was trying to keep his options open… and I guess any ol’ porn chic would do (le sigh)

Anyway, this kid – Mike Stone – eventually found someone – Megan Piper – who agreed to go. But, as the fates would have it, M&M’s date was to be fraught with controversy. School officials said “No,” and (some) parents were up in arms!!

(pictured: Mike and Megan, image originally here)

When I was tweeting out links to PVV’s commentary on the issue, I actually received a reply (of sorts) from Megan…

…and I have since been wondering “What happened??!!!”

Well, thanks to Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show,” we’ve been given an update – enjoy!!


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Prom Duress
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Now, obviously that’s really Mike and Megs in the skit, but I’m wondering if the pre-prom footage is real or staged for the bit. The dress looks nothing like the ones Megan was supposedly choosing from, and I would think there would be more action and hype around the event itself (but maybe the school had something to do with that)… I also wonder about some other things:

1. Is that concerned citizen/mother Marjorie Holsten person real? If not, hi-laaaarious acting. If so:

a. Why, Marjorie, why? Why would you ever in your right mind go on camera with representatives from “The Daily Show” – a venue that has a very clear stance on such issues in general and can do anything they want in post-production – saying such things and, meh, being made such a fool? Your complete lack of balance renders just about everything you say moot, and then when you throw in that stuff about guinea pigs…

b. Does Marjorie really think those things? I mean, people are entitled to their own opinions, but… really? Her extremely problematic and judgmental statements, though presumably directed at Megan, actually target all sex workers… at least the ones that do naked things.

Further though, they also target all people who do things and/or live lives that she doesn’t approve of and/or apparently know anything about. But unfortunately, I don’t think Marjorie is alone in her views.

2. Oh Mike…

3. Damn, Megan.

I, along with many others out there, have commented on how absolutely new to porn Megan is; and, simply on the basis of chronological age, she has to be fairly inexperienced with pubic relations. But I gotta tell you – she’s handling this situation like a pro. Hell, she kinda created the situation in the first place.

I mean, it’s quite possible that her initial motivation was a sincere desire to engage in a late-adolescent social activity she missed out on (prom)… but she has since been able to identify what may be a career boosting/game changing opportunity via a measure of decently big-deal publicity. She’s definitely milking it for all it’s worth.

I’m guess that, in a couple months after all the post-production processing has been done, her IAFD credits won’t be so few.

Get it, girl.

* * *

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