PVV – the BBC’s WHYS program asks “Is pornography ever acceptable?”

So, “Is pornography ever acceptable?”


No, you didn’t just get transported back to some time pre-1973 – this was a real question framing a real show that aired yesterday on the BBC’s World Have Your Say (WHYS) program!!

The answer to this question is obviously “yes” (duh), with discussions and qualifications centering on legality, consent, and a good firm grip on the idea that what’s hott to some is not to others… and that’s ok!!

But this topic is something people clearly feel all sorts of varying and volatile emotions about… Plus, as we know, porn and the adult entertainment industry are hugely significant dimensions in our global culture… thus it’s definitely worthy of discussion, even within the framework of un/acceptability.

The BBC made a good effort to bring many different voices and perspectives into the conversation (there were many guests on this program!!), though they did make two significant missteps – 1. there was no performer perspective present and 2. they relied, once again, on the uninformed “research”/opinions of anti-porn academic and activist Gail Dines.

le sigh…

Now, Gail Dines is more that entitled to her views, and many people agree with her on the topics of porn and adult entertainment; however, Gail hides her extreme bias and complete lack of rigor behind a wall of academic-isms and intimidation. The conversation needs someone who can meet Gail on her own terms, a person who can debunk the problematic nonsense and unfounded generalizations she spouts with willy-nilly vitriol…

So I’ve already contacted the BBC to let them know I’m ready when they are. I feel that having a matched counter-point to Gail’s Dines-ness would help push the conversation into the realm of balance, which would be awesome. We shall seeeee!!

Anyway, here is the show – enjoy!!




PS – maybe contact BBC show producers and hosts, and let them know you want to hear a more balanced perspective?!! Here’re some Twitter handles just for that purpose…

@stephhegarty – BBC reporter

@BBC_WHYS – official twitter for the BBC’s World Have Your Say (WHYS) program

@BenJourno – producer and host on WHYS

@DoctorKarl – answers questions every Thursday!!


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