PVV – teasing your JoyBear…

So some of you may recall my review of two incredibly unique, super hott films from UK-based production house JoyBear Pictures a while back… If not, you can read about Street Heat and The London Sex Project here.

But even after my review, JoyBear was still a bit of a mystery.  I knew the company had been around since 2003; and I knew it was led by Justin Ribeiro dos Santos, an English man with a Brazilian father.  I also knew that, although only two JoyBear films were available in the US, they had produced a bevy of really interesting looking content… and all of it was just beyond my reach – damn you, international adult content production!!

But I’ve never been one to let silly things like the Atlantic Ocean, DVD regional coding, or distribution deals stand in my way… so, funnily enough, I conveniently ran in to Mr. Ribeiro dos Santos at AEE a couple weeks ago… and, totally surprisingly, we had ourselves a super fun bout of bowling soon after.

And then, this past Friday, I got to conduct a fantastic interview with the man himself. Astonishing ;)

Justin and I talked about lots of things: JoyBear’s business model, marketing research, social responsibility, women consumers, retro porn from the 70s, gay content, and the future.  We also talked about where the heck he got the name JoyBear from in the first place.

The interview was incredible. Honestly, I was honored to have the opportunity to learn so many things about adult production and the nuance of business from this man.

It’s gonna take me a bit to process the entire thing, but in the spirit of teasing you all just a little, listen to Justin (and his English accent) explain the name “JoyBear.” Enjoy!!

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