PVV – Op-Ed about LA County’s Measure B

I recently wrote an Op-Ed about Measure B.

The article, cleverly titled “Measure B to Increase Cost of Doing Business,” appeared in the Los Angeles Daily Journal on October 16, 2012 (volume 125, number 201). It was also reprinted in the San Francisco Daily Journal on the same day and appeared online at www.dailyjournal.com.

In every incarnation, Daily Journal is a pretty serious lawyerly publication. It covers things like:

(pictured: if only they sold ’em one at a time…)

It’s also pretty pricey – currently $735/year for either the LA or the San Francisco print versions… and you can’t buy one-offs of any particular article. I think online access comes along with a subscription, but everything is behind their paywall.

I mention all this because even I couldn’t actually read my own article online!! (well, I suppose I could have via subscription, but even my mega-ego won’t spring for that) Luckily though, the very nice editor that I communicated with regarding this piece sent me a hard copy in the mail…

 (pictured: Los Angeles Daily Journal – 10/16/12 volume 125, number 201)

I tried to take a picture of the article itself, but I don’t think you can read it…

 (pictured: “Measure B to Increase Cost of Doing Business” by me!!)

…which is good because, even though I wrote this piece and even though I didn’t get paid a dime for it, I still signed publication rights over to Daily Journal. This means that I would be engaging in some form of piracy if I just gave the text away (I think); but, since I know you’re all dying to know what I wrote, here are a few choice quotes:

Measure B is a “citizens’ initiative” that was spearheaded by [AIDS Healthcare Foundation], an organization whose stated mission is “to rid the world of AIDS.” If approved by Los Angeles County voters on Nov. 6, the measure will require the use of condoms for all acts of anal and vaginal sex occurring during the course of commercial adult content production. Commercial adult content production includes what’s commonly thought of as “adult films,” as well as more ancillary forms of production (i.e., web-based “camming”-type content).

Measure B would also require all producers of commercial adult content to obtain a permit from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and pay a fee to offset the cost of enforcement. This permit and fee would be in addition to the permits and fees producers already must secure and pay.

In my view, as a scholar who has been researching the socio-cultural significance of the adult industry and its products for almost 10 years, Measure B would be very bad for Los Angeles County, the state of California and U.S. culture overall.

(I hate that they edited out my Harvard commas – gah!!)


Adult content production and pornography are volatile topics that inspire a wide array of reactions and emotions in many people – this is not surprising. The vast majority of the public’s knowledge about porn comes from misinformed fictions, and sex is still such a touchy subject. But regardless of this over-reliance on myth, it is unreasonable to assume that the adult industry exists without problems or issues. As an industry and workplace, the adult business certainly is not perfect. But nothing is.

Close consideration of industry operations and in-depth collaborative efforts with community members may reveal spaces where city, county and/or state support could be helpful. Further, taking the time to understand the adult community might give rise to productive ways to address any existing issues.

But by engaging problematic rhetoric to disrupt an effective system under the auspices of addressing an issue that is nonexistent, Measure B and AHF appear to miss many marks.

I got a couple more zingers in there, but you’re just gonna have to find a hard copy and/or subscribe if you want to read them – suffice it to say that the whole thing said #NoOnMeasureB.


More of my thoughts on LA County’s initiative Measure B –> here <–

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Californians living in LA Country – regardless of how you vote, you must vote!!

Register –> here!! <– 

OCTOBER 22 is the LAST DAY you can register in time for the November 6th election!! 


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