PVV – …on gaping (a study of two titles and some reflection)

Oh gaping, how have I not yet discussed you on PVV?

According to the dictionary (here), to gape (verb) is:

1a - to open the mouth wide

1b - to open or part widely

2 - to gaze stupidly or in openmouthed surprise or wonder

Thus, a gape itself (noun) would be gaping’s resulting wonderstruck opening.

But in porn, gaping has nothing to do with the mouth. In porn, gaping has to do with a wide open asshole, like a wide open external anal sphincter.


(pictured: anatomy!!)

And we’re not just talking about an “about to have anal sex” open external anal sphincter. Generally, we’re talking about an “I lost my keys” open external anal sphincter. If you click here, you will find a relatively gentle image of a gaping asshole. If you have not seen this before, it might be kinda shocking. (you’ve been warned!!) If you are a gape connoisseur, however, you know that this image is nothing.

Ironically, the individual actually literally gaping in porn is not generally as wonderstruck as their captive audience. Such is life…

Regardless, I gotta say: I don’t get the whole gaping thing. I honestly find such naked eye access to an individual’s guts a little unsettling. Every time I see scenes or titles including these wide-open mega gapes, I wonder about assholes in their 40s – what are the long-term effects of such things? I also think about all those little dust particles floating in the air that you can only see in the sun – how much lint is getting up in there?!!

I don’t get all tender/nervous about many things, but gaping is one of them… Regardless though, considering the amount of gaping titles available, clearly many people really like them; and, given what I know about behind the scenes porn production, many performers enjoy performing in these scenes… so, so be it – gapes all around!! Gaping definitely takes a level of physical skill that’s worthy of acknowledgment.

Chris Christie

(pictured: wonderstruck)

I recently watched two gaping asshole-tastic* adult collections: Mike John Productions’ Elastic Assholes 10 (2012) and Jules Jordan Video’s Gapeland (2012).

Both titles incited a bit of chagrin, and I attempted to keep an open mind in spite of reeeally not digging this specific niche. There’s a(t least one) flavor of porn for everyone, and as I said: gape stuff simply isn’t mine.

Both films were similar, consisting of five scenes featuring mega-gapes. And though both were structurally comparable, they did vary in terms of blatant gonzo-ness and apparent budget.

Elastic Assholes 10 was lower budget. From the sets to the production to the performers themselves, though we do see some strong elements in EA 10 (hello, Sarah Shevon), this collection is very backyard/living room and more conventionally gonzo. Gapeland, on the other hand, brings it with higher production value, more glamorous introductions, and a bevy of impressive women performers: Dana DeArmond, Kristina Rose, and reigning anal queen Amy Brooke.

Speaking of Amy Brooke…

Amy’s scene with Steve Holmes and Toni Ribas left me mortified and speechless… and kinda fucking proud. Hear me out.

Amy is known as an anal queen to rival all anal queens of yesteryore. Though she may not have the poise of some performers, her physical abilities are astounding. In fact, they are so astounding in this particular arena that I often find myself nervous for Amy in 20 years. (it’s my issue, it’s my issue…)

Anyway, during her scene in Gapeland… well, Steve just seemed jazzed about being there – a good natured dude on the bottom. But Toni was mean, nasty mean, almost like he was trying to prove something with a chic who could pretty much take everything he brought. And she raised him on every challenge, simply, which drove him NUTS. On one level, I was appalled; on another, I was lauding a chic that not even the most gruesome dude could break.

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, this is part of the gape that unsettles me.


* “asshole-tastic” being very different from “ass-tastic” (which is something like Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses 21) …or something that is just simply “asshole.”


Elastic Assholes 10

With performances from Leilani Leeane, Penny Pax, Sarah Shevon, Sharon Lee, Sierra Sanders, D. Snoop, Mark Zane, Mr. Pete, Sean Michaels, and Tim Von Swine.

Directed by Tim Von Swine for Mike John Productions. Released in July, 2012. Buy your copy here.




With performances from Amy Brooke, Dana DeArmond, Kristina Rose, Maya Hills, Phoenix Marie, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes, and Toni Ribas.

Directed by Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video. Released in April, 2012. Buy your copy here.


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