PVV – oh Stacie… Stacie Halas has been fired – what are (some of) the implications?

Well the hammer has finally dropped, and I hate to say that I’m not surprised – Oxnard-area junior high school teacher Stacie Halas has been fired to avoid some form of “disruption.” (see AVN‘s coverage here)

Some of you may know that I’ve already talked about this story at length (here and here… and here… and HERE!!), but for those of you who may have missed it…

Stacie Halas was put on administrative leave in early March, 2012 after students (students!! where are these students’ caretakers?) found some of her adult scenes online etc etc. Stacie used to perform under the name Tiffany Six. And when I say “used to,” I’m getting at the fact that Tiffany Six hasn’t been credited in adult since 2007 (the 2009 credit on her IAFD listing is a compilation title, not a new scene or new work). But whatevs. The school board reached a unanimous decision to terminate Stacie on April 18, 2012.

le sigh…

So this news came out, pointing towards what I thought I might have been noticing a few weeks ago – gender discrimination. Consider:

Benedict Garrett/Johnny Anglais (high school teacher in the UK) – was working as a teacher and as an adult performer/stripper-like entertainer in 2010 when he was “caught” and fired. He was eventually offered the opportunity to return to his teaching job, to which he said “thanks, but no thanks!!” (read about Johnny’s saga here, and check out PVV’s in-depth interview with him here)

Tera Myers (high school teacher, MO) – lost her job in 2011 after a student discovered that she had worked as an adult performer approximately 20 years prior. In 2006 she lost a similar teaching job under the name Tericka Dye in Kentucky after school officials discovered her previous work.

Shawn Loftis (middle/junior high school substitute teacher, FL) – had worked under the alias Collin O’Neal as a gay porn performer and producer years prior and was fired in 2011. He was, however, eventually reinstated. (here)

Stacie Halas (middle/junior high school teacher, CA) – the aforementioned Stacie did porn as Tiffany Six, apparently while she was a teacher (follow this link and watch the attached video WITH CAUTION – it is a very hard reel of Tiffany Six “highlights” that is extremely problematic and pretty dang cruel… but it includes adult BTS footage of her claiming to be a teacher), but hadn’t done porn in a years. She has, as we know, since been fired.

Maybe I’m being overly simplistic here, but doesn’t it look like men get “forgiven” while women do not?

AVN reports suggestions that it’s teachers in general (not just women teachers) who are under a moral microscope…

“The decision by Oxnard to fire Halas is not an anomaly. According to law professor Jonathan Turley, who wrote an editorial earlier this month titled ‘Teachers under the morality microscope,’ the anomaly was the decision by Orlando to allow gay adult performer and producer Shawn Loftis to reapply for a teaching certificate in Florida, even though ‘local officials were quick to assure citizens that they would not have to hire Loftis even if he were certified.’

In the other cases around the nation in which a teacher has been outed as either doing some porn in the past, admitting having accepted money in exchange for sex, posting a photo of herself looking down the sight of a rifle, posing with a male strip at a bridal party or just holding a drink in a photo taken while on vacation in Europe, discipline has been swift, harsh and unapologetic.”

…and I don’t disagree. Teachers, as people who work with kids/underage minors, definitely experience a significant measure of scrutiny. Further, the extremely insightful and informed Charlie Glickman has suggested that targeting women and gay men is nothing new. I also don’t disagree.

But I think there’s something else going on here, another layer… Perhaps it has something to do with the gendered nature of the teaching occupation specifically (which varies with student age/grade level, among many other things) and/or perhaps it has something to do with hegemonic social strictures surrounding women’s sexualitites…? I’m not sure (yet), but I think there’s something to be said about the fact that the two women teachers lost their jobs and the two men teachers (could) have gotten their’s back.

And in the midst of a couple tweets worth of discussion re. The Halas Decision earlier today, I received these:

So interesting and complex!!

In one respect, @FightCopyTrolls are definitely pointing out a pot-calling-the-kettle-black situation – the adult community is calling foul when they’re experiencing the brunt of adult-industry stigma a la Stacie Halas… while simultaneously capitalizing on civilians’ fear of said stigma in terms of p2p and end user prosecutions.

[for those of you who don’t know: “p2p” refers to “peer-to-peer” or swapping of content amongst “peers,” and “end user prosecution” refers to prosecuting the end user/consumer who has engaged in a bit of adult content illegally (i.e. illegal download, viewing, and/or consumption via a tube site)… so it’s kinda like prosecuting the person who bought a stolen car from a chop shop – they may or may not have known they were dealing with stolen property and they certainly knew they weren’t getting their goods via “conventional” means, but they didn’t necessarily steal the car themselves – very contested!!]

But in another respect, it’s not like the adult community is extorting customers. Settling out of court over copyright infringement and intellectual property issues (read: when someone steals your shit) happens all the time.

The whole thing is really complex…

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