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I received notification of this *AMAZING* idea at the end of last week. Take a gander, discussion and comments from your neighborhood Dr. Chauntelle follow…

“Los Angeles, California – Extra Lunch Money, the marketplace for custom and pre-made adult digital products, announces the advance industry preview of Offbeatr.com, a platform that enables public crowd funding for the adult entertainment industry.

Offbeatr is the first crowd funding resource specifically designed for the adult industry. Offbeatr allows producers, performers, artists, authors and other adult content creators a way to raise money for their projects from individuals in exchange for unique rewards, utilizing crowd funding for the adult industry. With Offbeatr, each Project Creator will get a dedicated page which describes what their project is, how much money they are raising, and what rewards they will offer in exchange for monetary pledges from the public.

Crowd funding, or crowd financing, describes the collective cooperation of many individuals coming together to pledge funds to an individual or organization to complete a specified project from the funds raised, utilizing the public as the financing arm for the project. One of the most well known mainstream crowd funding sites is Kickstarter, which is often used by small businesses, artists and other creatives that are seeking the support of fans or patrons for designated projects.

Supporters use Offbeatr to pledge money to projects listed on the site that interest them, and receive the rewards offered by the Project Creators for their financial help in completing the project. At the end of the project funding deadline, if the project reached its goal then the Supporters credit cards are charged and the money is transferred to the Creator. If the goal isn’t met Supporters aren’t charged at all.

Extra Lunch Money and Offbeatr CEO Ben Tao said, ‘I would love to say Offbeatr was a totally original idea, it’s not. While there are hundreds of crowd funding websites online, there are exactly zero which allow projects of an adult or sexual nature. If your creativity involves trying to get your ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ porn parody made, good luck trying on a mainstream crowd funding site. So where does that leave people who have a great adult movie, website or mobile app idea, and need a little funding to get it off the ground? Offbeatr fills that gap and offers several benefits. Project Creators raise the money they need, while retaining the rights to their projects, and Supporters get unique rewards with the satisfaction of directly supporting Project Creators who are producing the type of adult content they want to see’…

Tao is excited, ‘There should be a lot of creativity and variety in the projects posted to Offbeatr. Project Creators will be able to present what they’re passionate about and truly want to work on, without worrying about how to make them acceptable to the traditional sources of capital. Before Offbeatr there was little chance of any adult project idea seeing the light of day, but with Offbeatr we offer something previously not offered: Hope.’

Offbeatr is looking for passionate and creative Project Creators, to submit their projects to the site. Offbeatr projects will be by invitation only during the advance industry preview period. Potential Project Creators can request an invitation by visiting Offbeatr.com or by email to info@offbeatr.com.”

I love this Offbeatr idea for so many reasons!!

First and foremost, it’s evidence of the adult industry’s unwavering creative ingenuity. Be it in production, distribution, or general technology use, the adult business has always been a few steps ahead of the mainstream. Oftentimes, the need to develop and explore new technologies was an artifact of blatant (and illegal?) discrimination (read: “we don’t want to deal with you because you deal in adult”) – from payment processing to content delivery, the adult industry has had to think its way around more than one moralistic, evaluative, and/or “our advertisers feel…”-driven cockblock.

Unfortunately, industry ingenuity fell off some in recent years and a couple of situations were allowed to get outta hand. These issues are currently being reigned in, which is an indication that the industry has developed a new dimension of defensive survival skills. Ideas like Offbeatr show me that, while managing and fighting some tough issues, the adult industry’s ingenious roots remain intact. In fact, they’re alive and well and breaking crafty new(ish) ground.

I also love Offbeatr for its message of hope. Certainly there are all kinds of creative folks out there with a dream brewing… a dream in need of funding. And trust me: I know from years of grant-writing and support-seaking experience – funds are not available for adult-related research, much less adult-themed projects. Because all those things are “porn,” and people and organizations love to consume porn… they just refuse to support it.

Offbeatr is a space where badassery is evident and options and hope are available. I really like that.

About Offbeatr.com: Offbeatr.com provides a “crowd funding” platform specifically designed for the adult entertainment industry to go directly to the public in finding alternative funding for various types of projects. Performers, producers, authors and other creative people post their projects to the Offbeatr site, and offer creative, non-monetary rewards to those that support their projects by pledging money to reach the financial goal.

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