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I am currently working my way through the final, finer point comments from academic peers on a paper about trends in US adult content production, consumption, and distribution.

(actually, it’s a paper I was *asked* to write – kinda awesome!!)

Anyway, one of the “trends” I discuss is an (apparent, to me) increase in TS content production. Here’s a little snippet:

Aside from featuring performers of various gender identities and sexual orientations, tranny (hereafter referred to as TS, see Note 1) content does not overlap with queer porn in any way. TS scenes generally feature at least one performer who is in the midst of a male-to-female (MTF) transition. TS performers are generally partnered with cisgender men or other MTF TS performers, though I have noticed a slight increase in cisgender women performers working in TS scenes (see Note 2).

The majority of TS content parallels production patterns of relatively mainstream porn – mostly all-sex and occasional features, much of which can be accessed via VOD or digital download. I have noticed an increase in TS porn productions during the past two to three years, as well as an increase in TS performers’ visibility within the wider adult industry community. Stigma and invisibility related to this type of content make assessments of target consumers difficult.


Note 1: A note on terminology: In my observations, “tranny” is the attribution used most frequently by performers featured in TS scenes, by TS content producers, and by TS content consumers. Other commonly, but less frequently, used monikers include “TS” and “shemale.” Though I support persons’ rights to be addressed in whatever manner they choose, I struggle with the terms “tranny” and “shemale.”

My use of “TS” in lieu of either of these terms is my attempt to distinguish between two genres of adult content that both feature performers of various gender identities and sexual orientations (queer and TS), but are otherwise unrelated, without engaging terms that I find difficult. I am aware that there are colonizing dimensions to this decision; however, use of the term “TS” is the most accurate and least personally and professionally uncomfortable reconciliation I can formulate.

Note 2: See for example Evil Angel’s TS Playground 3 (2013), a collection featuring TS performers together (one scene), TS performers with cisgender men (three scenes), and TS performers with cisgender women and men (one scene). For web-based content, see for example http://www.shemalepornstar.com (last accessed 9/20/13).

Awesome, right?!!

In addition to TS content, I discuss queer porn (as alluded to above), variable trends in web-based content consumption, camming and live sex, features and parodies, and pegging (among many other topics). Further, I take great pains to provide an accurate contemporary conceptualization of gonzo form content. (it’s NOT a genre, people!!)

I’m also happy to get to point to current, “seen” content examples. In this paper, I discuss examples from New Sensations, Wicked Pictures, Hustler, Clips4Sale, PUBA, Severe Society Films, Helix, and Pink & White Productions (among so many others). I do this in lieu of cherry-picking exceptional and/or dated content to prove a point… #justsayin


(pictured: get your copy of Evil Angel’s TS Playground 3 and/or watch it now here)

I’m super excited for the opportunity to share my insights and correct a series of misinformation via this paper.

The whole shebang will be available in 2014, though I don’t think the journal I am publishing with is open source (thus, limited access). But if you’re lucky, I may just share some more snippets here on PVV :)

For a discussion of age-centered content (and another sneak peek), go –> here.


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