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There are many things in life that I wonder about – was Luke the Drifter inspiring or tragic, what happened to all the unicorns, where is the Peppermint Patty for my Junior Mint? You know, deep serious stuff.

Another thing that I often ponder is “tranny porn,” or adult “shemale” content.

First and foremost, the phrase “tranny porn” – ugh. It’s a commonly used euphemism for content featuring persons with penises who present their external gendered selves as women… kinda. “Shemales.”

Without speaking to folks directly, there is no way to characterize an individual’s identity/identities accurately. Consequently, there is no way to know if a particular “shemale” identifies as a trans woman, a woman, a man, a trans man, an adult performer, all of these, none of them, or something else.

But the term “tranny” seems off to me, evocative of either transgender* identity (and btw – we’re kinda barking up the wrong genre tree for that here; trans porn is generally associated with the umbrella of queer content) or transvestism,* which seems entirely incorrect.

[*dr chauntelle definition time!!

Generally, a transgender individual’s gender (ie man, woman) does not “correspond” “conventionally” to their physical body (ie sex – male, female). This is an extremely simplistic characterization of an extremely loaded and complex capture of many individuals’ identities; but for this here blog post, it’s gonna have to suffice. Email me if you have questions.

Transvestism, or the practice of engaging in transvestite behavior, has to do with dressing. This behavior may be correlated with gender, sexuality, or any number of other things; but, at its core, the concept has to do with various forms of dress only.]

So for years now I’ve been stockpiling “tranny porn,” and occasionally I try to make some sense of my ever-growing collection. But I always get caught up in these well-meaning but often mind-boggling socio-social justice linguistic and gender identity go-arounds… How the hell is one supposed to make sense of anything when there are 500 different angles and complexities to explore?? Where does one begin when every moment and dimension is a project in of itself??

In the hopes of getting a little insight, I sought out the wisdom of a friend – Mr. D. Mr. D is an interesting and insightful individual, an adult content connoisseur in his private life and a developing adult industry professional in his public. Part of his job involves screening “tranny porn.” A lot of it.

So here is a little bit of Mr. D’s back story and some of his thoughts on “shemale” content.

Hiiiii Mr. D!! First off, thanks for answering my questions!! This is an interesting genre, about which much can be said. So, just for context – how much porn have you watched in your life? Would you consider yourself a novice? Casual fan? Expert??

“Overall, in my life, how much porn have I watched, good lord! I couldn’t begin to give you an accurate figure. If ya count scenes/clips, probably in the thousands.

For work however, I can estimate about 200 full movies, but I’ve been in the industry less than a year.

How long exactly?

Six months.

Six months!! So you just jumped in, so to speak… What got you into the business?

I’ve always had a fondness for the adult industry; and honestly, the opportunity just fell into my lap.

Gottcha ;) So then, in what context(s) have you watched “tranny porn”?

I watch tranny porn for PR [public relations] purposes and to screen them for production errors.

How much have you watched altogether?

About 30 to 50 films in their entirety.

What patterns have you noticed?

First, the most noticeable thing is that the majority of transsexuals (at least those performing in adult films) appear to be either Asian or Hispanic. Also for the most part, the shemales involved are on the receiving end.  Infrequently have I seen a tranny do the penetrating. I’m assuming this may be due to the shift in their hormones as they undergo the metamorphosis from male to female.  This may be keeping them from maintaining an erection.

How does “tranny” content compare to more “mainstream” content? How is it similar or different?

It’s very similar in regards to how a scene breaks down, the standard porn formula remains – fondling to oral to a variety of positions to the pop shot. What changes within that structure however is that on occasion there’s a reversal of roles; the female, or tranny, will be the one to penetrate the man. Also, of the transsexual films I have seen, the players involved, both male and shemale, are far less vocal with each other than in so-called ‘standard’ porn. This may be due entirely to a language barrier issue.

Giving your best estimate, who consumes this content?

I can only speculate to the audience. This may seem obvious, but I’d say those whom find transsexual porn appealing would be bisexuals because these films combine aspects of both straight and gay porn. There’s also the novelty factor; many porn viewers become tired of being inundated with the same generic scenes over and over again.

That’s all really interesting D!! It’s fascinating to hear some professional speculations about this content – some professional speculations without all my over-sociologizing!!

So, because I ask everyone this question in some form, what’s the most interesting thing about being in the business? 

There’s an openness and an honesty about it that is quite refreshing. In any other industry, talk of sex, porn, or adult products would be at minimum frowned upon, and could possibly lead to disciplinary action. But in porn, we are surrounded by it every day, so to avoid talking about it or acting demur would be extremely unusual.

Has working in the industry affected your personal life?

Yes, absolutely. It’s quite freeing when I talk to people about what I do. It instantly breaks down any formal barriers between us, and the conversation becomes far more casual and familiar.  Also telling someone what I do acts as a litmus test on their personality. If they’re offended, I know I don’t want be friends with them; but if they’re interested and intrigued, then I know this is someone with whom I can develop a relationship.”

Given Mr. D’s self-disclosed personal and workplace porn consumption patterns, it seems like the industry has given him the opportunity to explore content he may not have otherwise – “quite freeing,” wouldn’t you say?

Mr. D also offers us some interesting insights on this specific genre (for which I really must find a new name…) of adult content. Our conversation here is just the tip of the iceberg though – and when I make some semblance of sense out of my collection of “tranny porn,” I will share it for sure!!

* * *

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Images are a random sampling of box covers filed under the “transsexual porn movies” category at AdultDVDEmpire.com.

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