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I hate to drive traffic… and I hate to rain on someone’s parade, especially when that someone is trying to do new things… but seriously: what. the. fkkkk??

Presented without comment is:


*UPDATE* (later on 11/29) – well now, obviously the video has been removed. A little birdie told me that the reason for so many views (over 20 million on YouTube according to the PR below) was because the video was in a pop-up window on a very large porn tube site… and apparently that’s a YouTube TOS violation. But I won’t deny you – it’s still here.


From some press release:

Haven’t you heard? Lupe Fuentes is the party! The Latina beauty’s hot new pop/dance single “We Are The Party” has over 20 million views on YouTube, is #6 on the YouTube 100 Weekly Music Chart alongside the likes of PSY, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and is #4 on the Daily 100 Music Chart, beating out the likes of One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen and Maroon 5.

[name drop much? and no mention of how many of those views come with a “dislike” – 55,798 at the time of writing this… somehow I think it would be even more if you didn’t have to sign in]

The 4’9” star affectionately known as “Little Lupe” has turned her illustrious career as an adult entertainment star into a budding career as a pop superstar. Lupe officially made her debut as the lead-singer of her new girl group The Ex Girlfriends when she premiered their monster single “We Are The Party” on November 7.

[“illustrious career as an adult entertainment star” – ha!! not sure that’s how I’d describe this: Lupe’s IAFD… and no mention of anything else surrounding all that? no mention of any of that other stuff?]

Overcoming a past of abuse and poverty, Lupe fell into the adult industry as a way to provide for her family…

[sad… a blatant and pointed remarket, but sad if it’s at all true]

…Utilizing her business savvy, her career skyrocketed and she quickly became the “it girl” of the other Hollywood, appearing as a regular on the Howard Stern Show, winning dozens of awards and appearing in a multitude of magazines. Never ashamed of her past but rather finding her passion and doing everything in her power to bring it to fruition, Lupe is excited to transmute her fame as the most successful solo internet star in the history of adult entertainment to her new musical career.

[aaaand we’re back to the blowup!! and “transmute”? really?]

With her focus 100% on The Ex-Girlfriends and the massive response to “We Are The Party,” next up on Lupe’s list is to continue recording and writing songs in the studio in Los Angeles. The girls are already working with a bevy of amazing producers, and currently have almost a whole album written. “I’m not ashamed of my career as an adult star and I’m determined to use my celebrity to push myself and my girls to another level,” says Lupe. “We are the party baby, and I won’t rest until the world knows it!” [sic]


Like I said, I hate to drive traffic. And I hate to tell you to google around… But I just can’t explain this, not exactly. Suffice it to say that I’m shaking my head, and that I hope Lupe is ok. There is far more to this story than we will ever know.

In the interest of clearing my own head, I’ll leave it at Danny Trejo – Danny, what are you doing!!?

(pictured: your next ex-girlfriend(s)?)

The Ex-Girlfriends have a website… it’s here. Visit it if you must.

See also a review of what’s pretty much Lupe’s only adult title – Lolita (2010), the second feature listed in PVV’s “Don’t Judge a Film by its (Box) Cover” here.

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