PVV – Lady Titan & @TanyaTate need you!!

As you may know, my dear and brilliant friend Tanya Tate is a cosplayer, geeky blogger, and collectable toy reviewer. She also has her own super alter-ego – Lady Titan!

(she’s really into it – check out JustaLottaTanya.com for more)

Anyway, Tanya recently started an IndieGoGo campaign for her My Hero customizable toy figure. Apparently, all kinds of popular customizable vinyl figure platforms already exist, but there are none that really work for superhero ladies averting crises on the sexy side (think Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost, and Sue Storm). So Tanya decided to create a custom figure that met this need!


(pictured: My Hero toys will come in four colors, the best of which is OBVIOUSLY green)

The My Hero Toy is a vinyl figure platform that can be used to bring existing characters to life, as well as to create new and unique super sirens. Tanya has already paid for the design, sculpting, and molds, and she’s now looking to raise money for production costs. This is where Lady Titan needs your help!

Take a trip on over to My Hero’s IndieGoGo page and throw down $5 to help support this fun, creative (and sexy!) project. There are all kinds of perks that come along with donating too, from shout outs to store signings. It’s a nice bit of positivity in a world that really needs a hero – love it!


(pictured: example of a My Hero toy customized as Lady Titan)

Here’s a nice summary of the campaign:

* * *

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