PVV – it’s the Fourth of July!!

UPDATE (7/5/13) – I am leaving this up for an extra day …because it’s that important!! Happy 5th :)

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I love the Fourth of July – I love summer, I love fireworks, and I love hanging out. But most especially, I love everything that the United States’ Independence Day stands for.

“America… fuck yeah!!”

I talked a lot about sexualities, the US, and the importance of civil rights associated with creative expression within the context of adult content last July 4th. Specifically, I was making points in terms of Jules Jordan Video’s Nacho Invades America 1. You can read everything I had to say about the title itself here, but my sum up stated:

I’m not into Nacho Vidal. Granted, I’ve never met him in real life and everyone he works with seems to enjoy him on camera… he’s good looking and seems suave and charming… but I just don’t like the stuff he does. I really really REALLY don’t like that stepping-on-the-head-while-fucking thing. And though he always seems captivated by whomever he’s working with, what he does just looks too rough. It kinda freaks me out.

Which is absolutely perfect.

In “America” and on the Fourth of July, Nacho Vidal gets to have sex however he wants, and he gets to perform sex in whatever way works for him in conjunction with what a producer and/or director is trying to create. Further, his scene partners get to decide whether or not they want to work with him within the context of extremely hardcore, yet very expected/easily anticipated, porn production.

Because this is “America” (as in, the United States of).

I chose to write about Nacho invading “America” via a Jules Jordan film today, on the Fourth of July, precisely because this content makes me a little uncomfortable. I love the fact that we live in culture where Nacho Invades America 1 both deserves and is permitted to exist. (originally here)

I still agree with myself.

Nacho Vidal is still a bit too much for me, but I’m still so grateful to live in a place where he is free to pursue whatever it is that pleases him (and other performers). As long as consent is always involved, yay!!

“America” is not perfect (the fact that referring to the United States as “America” is still common practice attests to that), and our civil rights are never guaranteed. We must be ever vigilant, always ready to take action when necessary.

Today, when you’re hanging out, enjoying summer and fireworks and whatnot, take a moment to think about what you can do to protect your freedoms …and the freedoms of others (including Nacho). They all go hand in hand.


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