PVV – go local, tax-free Texas shoppers… go to Dreamers!!

In honor of I don’t even begin to know what, the great state of Texas sponsors the most amazing shopping holiday EVER every “fall”* – the Texas Sales Tax Holiday/Tax-Free Weekend!!

Texas shoppers get state and local sales tax exemptions on clothing, most footwear, most school bag-type devices (those things sure are elaborate these days!!), and most school supplies. There’s some fine print and a few more exemptions, but the whole thing essentially amounts to $8 saved on every $100 spent. This year, the sales tax holiday lasts from August 19 (today!!) through August 21. (more info here)

So all I gotta say about that is… shopping!!

And if you’re gonna shop… if you’re gonna, say, brave the augmented epic cluster horror that is the Round Rock and/or San Marcos outlet malls… well, you might as well do a little something good for the community (and for yourself) while you’re at it.

You might as well go to Dreamers.

Dreamers is an independent, family-owned adult DVD and novelty shop, with seven locations in and around Central Texas. They’ve been in business for decades and sponsor all kinds of useful and interesting programs, host fantastic community events, support sex workers, fight for civil rights on the state and regional levels, and are a member of local business alliances.

They encapsulate the spirit of every “go local” grassroots Austin community-ism there is. In essence, Dreamers rules.

Through the magic of Twitter, it was called to my attention this morning that some of Dreamers’ wares are eligible for the sales tax exemption this weekend – hosiery and lingerie and even Hustler T-shirts! Here’s a whole blog about it!!

Gives “back to campus” a whole new dimension, dontcha think ;)

Follow Dreamers on Twitter at @DreamersStores!!

*I am using the term “fall” very loosely here. Texas’ Sales Tax Holiday always takes place in late August, which isn’t necessarily indicative of a season change in any region… and regardless, there ain’t nothin’ fall-ish about 107 degree heat!! Notice the icon for today’s weather – the sun is on FIRE!!

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